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September 08, 2011

I haven't been updating my blog for awhile... and I have an excuse for that actually, it's not because I am lazy. In fact, I am getting busier than ever before. I just wish that there's more hours in a day so I can accomplish more things. It always feels like I'm racing against time everyday. So updates. I am starting a side business selling mobile pouches and ipad pouches.

Feel free to check it out here: http://icandywear.storenvy.com

I am also partnering with a colleague of mine from work and doing some kind of a bakery business...well not quite actually. We do custom cake toppers and cake decorations and also cookies for special occasions. There's so much stuffs to do when it comes to starting your own business. It took quite a while to even come up with a good and catchy name. After a bunch of brainstorming, most of the names that we like have already been used in the same industry.... But at last, we landed on "Sweet Chalet". It's a play on words, if it's not obvious enough. It's all about handcrafted and homemade goodies. I think it relates to what we do really well. Let's hope everyone else like it the way we do. Down the pipe, I still have to update my tumblr account which I've opened an account for more than a year and still nothing's there. But I finally know what to post on it.  It's another little weird collections that I do on the side to say the least. I'll not reveal too much info for now.

On behalf of Sweet Chalet, here's a photo of our cherry blossom cookies for company's pot luck event:

{ Flavours: strawberry, malt, ovaltine, espresso, chocolate and green tea }

That was a good potluck, though quite a few people brought in cookies as well. Hopefully ours stand out better than others. I'm sure they do. We still need to get a website going but for now, follow @SweetChalet on Twitter to get our latest updates and our homemade process! And of course, stay tuned on all my other on-going projects!

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