All You Need to Know About This 5- Star Luxury Go Place Spa

February 20, 2022

5-Star Luxury Go Place Spa

I recently visited this 5-star luxury spa, Go Place on my birthday. A much-needed relaxation, child-free, self-care time for just me and Will. After sharing some of the highlights on my IG stories, I got a lot of questions asking about this experience. So, I thought I’d share my experience in detail here for those who are interested and answer all the common questions.

What’s there to do?


If you’re familiar with Scandinavian Spa, you’d be no stranger to just lounging, relaxing and basically doing nothing. Although you don’t get the scenic view in comparison, Go Place offers a more luxurious indoor experience with more things to do. You can take a dip at their gender-specific hot tubs and jacuzzi, relax in the shared saunas and themed therapy rooms and even work out in the fitness room. Play a friendly game of billiards and board games, eat, enjoy free Wi-Fi and just doze off in various recliners and loungers. They have a huge selection of books for your reading pleasure that’s enough to kill a few hours.

We pretty much used all their facilities except for the fitness room. Working out just wasn’t aligned with my goal to relax! I did book an hour of deep tissue massage with an RMT in advance. The massage was amazing. Not only did it relieve all my tensed muscles from head to toe, the ambience and calming music just made the whole experience extra relaxing.

Will also decided on an impromptu 30-min massage with a masseuse. While the experience was decent, he did find his neck in an awkward position since the massage was done in one of their recliners in an open area, as opposed to being done on a massage table in a private room like my massage.

Food-wise, it was convenient that they have a dining area where we could order lunch and a snack or two. Orders were taken from a tablet device and brought to our table. Their menu includes mostly Asian dishes such as fried rice, noodles, sashimis, sushi rolls, pork bone soup, katsu udon, lamp racks, oysters, just to name a few. They have a great selection of drinks, including my favourite, bubble tea!

Go Place Spa - Sashimi
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea and Sashimi Platter

Go Place Snacks
Stir-fried instant noodles and chicken wings with fries and complimentary birthday cupcake

Go Place Spa - Dining experience
Pork Cutlet with Udon in Soup

How much does it cost? What does the admission include?

It really depends on what you do there. Admission costs $63.95 per person that includes all access to the saunas, hot tubs, showers, fitness facility and therapy rooms. Lockers, towels and a two-piece Louis Vuitton-inspired spa wear are provided for free during your stay. Water is also available throughout the premises. 

Some extra charges could add to your total including facials, body treatments and massages if you wish to get one. Do note that RMT might be covered by your benefits coverage. For me, that’s a huge win, because I was able to claim my massage to my insurance. Make sure to find out from your insurance provider what’s covered and what needs to be submitted on your claims prior to booking.

Slippers are not included in your admission and are optional to purchase at $3. If you wish to complete the look, robes are also available to rent at $5 or $30 for purchase. Running shoes and socks are available to use if you wish to work out.

The cost for food is surprisingly fair and costs roughly the same as what you’d pay for the same thing at a restaurant. All the costs you incurred throughout your stay are added to your account by tapping your bracelet and billed at the end when you checkout.

Tax and a 12% gratuity are also added on top of your bill which their staff would tell you upfront and when you checkout. There's also a late charge of $15 if you wish to stay overnight or leave past 2 am.

Go Place Spa Fitness

Go Place Spa Lounge

Go Place Spa
Far Infrared Area

Is it safe to visit during Covid?

We felt safe during our stay. We came early on a Thursday when there weren’t many guests. People were very spread out as the premise is huge so lots of room to keep a distance from each other. Proof of vaccinations are required before entry and all staff are wearing masks.

Guests are also encouraged to wear masks in open lounge areas and are only allowed to remove them in hot tubs and steam rooms. So, it is important that you take your own safety precautions. We took ours seriously and kept our distance from others throughout. Masks and sanitizers are also available at counters and in various areas.

Is it Clean?

As soon as we exited the escalator onto the 2nd floor, we were asked to remove our shoes. They are then stored inside the shoe lockers. I could not speak to the men’s room but the ladies’ change room was clean and tidy for the majority of the time. Throughout our stay, we could see staff vacuuming, cleaning and tidying up everywhere. I did have to ask them to refill the tissues and toilet papers after they ran out in the ladies’ bathrooms at one point as more people started to show up late afternoon.

Was it busy? When’s a good time to visit?

During the week is always the best time to go. We actually arrived before 10 in the morning and there were already a few guests. Will got the whole hot tub to himself and I also got to enjoy a private steam room. Since Go Place opens 24 hours, more guests show up after lunch towards later in the afternoon. I was also told by one of their staff that the place gets busier during the evenings.

5-Star Luxury Go Place Spa

Other things to know

As a luxury spa, they use top-of-the-line products like L’Occitane branded wash and lotions and Dyson hair dryers. I also love the fact that they have compartments beside each therapy room to store away your cell phones. These are some of the nice little details that add to the overall experience.

Many guests, like myself, come here and get pampered on birthdays. Their staff noticed my birthday when we checked in upon arrival and gave me a complimentary massage chair experience. And like in the card game, Monopoly Deal, if you tell the dining room staff that “It’s my birthday!”, you’d get a cupcake as well. I thought that was very sweet (see what I did there?).

5-Star Luxury Go Place Spa

Final thoughts. Would I visit again?

After experiencing Korean saunas and bathhouses, Go Place is the next level up if not more. Luxurious indoor wellness experience that is great for couples or a group of friends (I mean, board games are available for rent after all!)

All in all, we enjoyed our stay and experience at Go Place. I’d recommend anyone who enjoys getting pampered and relaxation therapies to give it a try. We'd definitely be back. Hope this post is helpful!

Go Place 
3275 Highway 7 East, Unit 2,
Markham, Ontario L3R 3P9
Open 24hrs - 7 Days a week

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