Our Baby Gender Reveal Party! (DIY Party Decor)

March 18, 2020

It's been a month since we revealed our baby's gender. Now that I'm at my 37 weeks and baby can come anytime, I thought I'd share some photos and videos from our gender reveal party! If you haven't been catching all the moments on my IG stories, you are missing out LOL I did an IG poll and a reveal following after. The online poll results were quite entertaining, with the majority voted that I'm carrying a boy.

Both Will and I didn't have a clue about the baby's gender. When I did my sonogram at around 20 weeks, I asked my doctor to keep the baby's gender a secret. She wrote it down on a piece of paper and sealed it tight with staples. I hid the note somewhere in my vanity drawer until we were ready to find out.

We originally wanted to reveal it together on Christmas morning privately at home just ourselves. But, we ended up being occupied with preparing for Christmas dinner for the families so we totally forgot about it!

With my birthday falling on a public holiday this year, I thought the day would be extra special for us to find out together with our family and friends. At the party, we had all our guests vote for what they think the baby's gender is. And for some reason, most of them guessed a boy too. Where was the love for #teamgirl? As the prize for guessing correctly, we gifted a bottle of our own brewed wine and a pack of Hershey's chocolate bar for the lucky person drawn from the winning pool.

Catch our big reveal in the video below!

And it's a boy!

The reveal was absolutely one of our best moments! We were both super excited to welcome our baby boy! Now that the suspense is over,  we can finally focus on a name and organize the baby's wardrobe. We can't wait to meet our little one!

How I DIY Our Gender Reveal Party Decor

As you can see from the reveal party, we didn't have a specific theme but I knew I didn't want it to be just the typical blue and pink... I wanted to add my own flare to the reveal so I DIY'ed all the decorations myself. We actually had two parties, one with just the families and one with friends at home. It was a no brainer to leverage the same decor for both parties.

Old Wives' Tales Poster and Onesie Guestbook

I created this poster based on some old wives' myths I saw online, framed it up and added gold star stickers to the side that I thought was accurate for my pregnancy. This added some interesting speculations to the guessing game. I also cut out some baby onesies using card stocks and hung them on a ladder at home using ropes and clothespins. My thought was to eventually frame these signed onesies in a shadow box for the baby's room. You can get these files here.

Our own brewed wine from Wine Butler, as seen here.

Baby onesies "guestbook"

DIY photo booth

I made the backdrop with crepe paper streamers. It was actually a lot easier than I think and cost me close to nothing. I think I only spent about $5 on the paper streamers and I taped them onto some painter tapes I have at home. I also added some ribbons that I got from the dollar store into the mix to make things more interesting.

Next, I created some photo booth props with my Cricut machine. To go with the gender-neutral idea, I made them in gold and white card stock and glue them onto wooden dowel sticks. Alternatively, if you don't have these tools handy to make your own, consider outsourcing to get a custom neon sign that says "boy or girl" or custom balloons in shades of blue and pink made as statement pieces for your party decor.

I set up a tripod that comes with a remote control in front of the backdrop. It's so convenient to take your own picture and boomerang that way.

Get these Gender Reveal photo booth props design file here

Baby Gender Reveal Party Decor Photo Booth Props - available for download here.

Dessert Table Set Up

I made an extra backdrop using the crepe paper streamers I had leftover from my photo booth and taped them against the wall. I added a "He or She" banner that I made and hung it across the top. I also taped some white balloons on both ends to hide the painter's tapes. I dipped some wafers into some candy melt I had in my pantry (it happened to be pink) and sprinkled the wafers with some pastel coloured sprinkles. They were so cute and tasted soooo tasty oo! 

Cake from Novello Desserts

"Ready to Pop" Popcorn Station

I love puns and I love the idea of a popcorn station with the message, "ready to pop".  The popcorn station was so easy to prepare. I bought some microwavable popcorn and bottles of popcorn seasonings. I used the Kernels brand but removed the packaging wrappers so that they were more neutral looking to match the decor. I glued some labels onto the lids to indicate the flavours, prepared little cupcake liners and a scoop for the station and that was it!

"Mom"mosa Bar

This mimosa bar was very simple to prepare as well. I cut up some fruit slices from strawberries (I love strawberries!), blueberries and oranges onto a platter dish and prepared the juices into the canisters. My friend brought over a bottle of Bubbly and it was perfect for everyone to mix their own mimosas!

Macaron and Fondant Decorating Station 

Instead of doing the usual baby shower games and activities, my friends and I baked macarons together in the kitchen. I shared them my knowledge in fondant making and together we decorated some macarons. Though, looking back we could have baked cupcakes instead to go with the fondant decorations. But there were already too many cakes on the dessert table...We all had a blast and it was a great girl bonding time! Check out my cake art here.

Thank you everyone who came to celebrate with us. Our own gender reveal party was a huge success and we couldn't thank everyone enough. Although it might seem like a lot of work for a pregnant lady to prepare, I actually had a lot of fun putting it together. Will was a great help too! And if you're interested in throwing a gender reveal party, I'm now offering my design files of these decors here

Get all of these Gender Reveal Party Decor design file here

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