Let's Pig Out! {First Date at the Ex}

September 02, 2013

{Happy day with my new friend - Check out my first date outfit here}

A friend asked me out to CNE (The Ex) for a splurge on food. I haven’t been to the Ex for more than 5 years, so I’d love to go back and explore some childhood fun. And I love food! Nothing better than walking around the Exhibition Place playing games while munching on street food and watching shows together.

Here are some highlights of our night of fun and food galore:

{Chocolate covered bacon}

Our first stop was to try out the chocolate covered bacons. It has a mixture of sweet and savoury taste, they didn’t taste as awful as I had imagined them to be. Though, if the bacons were crispier with thicker chocolate dip, I would have liked them better. 

{Kimchi spicy pork bao and kalbi bao}

Second stop, we tried the Kimchi spicy pork bao and kalbi bao from a fushion style Korean joint. We both like the kimchi spicy pork bao better because the kimchi adds more flavor and juices to the meat than the Kalbi which is slightly to the dry and chewy side.

{Jack'd - 3 layers of red velvet pancakes with pulled pork, Jack Daniel's syrup and butter}

Then we tried this Jack’d burger. It consists of 3 layers of red velvet pancakes with pulled pork, drizzled in Jack Daniel’s syrup and butter. I was debating between this or their other burger with a pretzel bun, but since this is a splurge, the food needs to be in the extreme. So we let it go and shared this ridiculously filling “burger”. Thankfully, we did not suffocate from sudden heart attack upon finishing it. It was an interesting combination but don’t think I’d try it again.

{Nutella sweet potato fries with icing sugar}

Lastly, we ordered the Nutella sweet potato fries sprinkled with icing sugar. Just reading that from the menu, I screamed in excitement. I love Nutella! My plan now is to replicate this at home.

After our food frenzy, we tried to burn some calories off by walking around the park and playing some games together in the hope to win something back, of course.

{Beautiful ferris wheel}

{The night view from above as we ride the lift back and enjoy some quiet alone time}

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed our first date at the Ex together, especially because this was nothing like the typical dinner date at a fancy restaurant. The thought and planning that my date put into the night impressed me and that is what made the night memorable and much more special. I will leave out the details and keep them to ourselves but let's just say the night has brought us closer together. He even ended up winning a giant raccoon plush for me to bring home. 

It was a sweet and romantic evening, probably the best first date experience I have so far.

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