5 Security Measures to Protect Your Home

March 08, 2018

Five Security Measures to Protect Your Home

No matter what type of neighbourhood or city you stay in, fabulous crime statistics don’t mean that you’re in the clear. Protecting our homes is one of the first things we should consider when we move to a new house. You should do all you can to protect your home and your loved ones who stay within it – this can be done easily; you just have to do the research. Lucky for you, we have completed the research for you and compiled a list of some of the best home security measures available. Keep reading to find out more!

Automatic and Manual Gates

Firstly, we recommend that you purchase and install an automatic or manual gate at your property. This ultimately gives you full control over who accesses your home and your property’s surroundings. As well as this, residential gates have been known to decrease insurance premiums and increasing the value of your property. What more could you want? Many gate reparation services provide products and services to keep your property safe. These services can include gate repair, gate installation, electric gate installation and so much more.

Security camera

The second option we recommend is that of installing security cameras on your property. The benefits of this are largely similar to installing residential automatic gates. They limit the amount you pay on your insurance and make your home more attractive to buyers. This is useful as there are future benefits and immediate benefits of installing security footage. CCTV has also been proven in various studies to deter burglars and criminals from committing an offence on your property. As soon as they see the cameras, they know their moves are been closely monitored.


Depending on what company you purchase your security cameras from, some companies have optimised the systems to consist of both a camera and an intercom. This can be installed either at your electric gates or your front door. Many people across the globe have been installing smart doorbell cameras to stay aware of who comes to their front doors. This is extremely useful as the smart technology allows you to connect the system to your smartphone and talk through the bell intercom via your phone. Thanks to the amazing tech world, we can appreciate keeping our homes safer than ever.

Sufficient Lighting

Having sufficient lighting is one of the easier measures of security to install on your property but still just as effective as any other. Having lighting outside the property is a great deterrent to prevent intruders from staying on your property as it makes them appear clearly to others who reside near you or live in your home. Motion sensor lights also help detect an intrusion and make you immediately aware if someone or something is on your property. Those who have used lighting in the past generally believe it is a useful security measure, however motion sensor lights can be triggered easily – even by animals!

Double-up on locks

Another security measure to consider that will protect your home is an efficient locking system. Having tight security at each entrance to your home is very important as it is the ultimate feature that will stop individuals from breaking in and entering. You can choose from manual and digital locks – there are advantages and disadvantages of each. Experts recommend that you also choose more than one lock for your doors and garages and lock all your windows when they are not open. Doing so will keep your home free of any intrusion.

Stay private

Thanks to social media, we can now keep our family and friends updated about our whole lives. Whilst this is a fantastic opportunity to break communication barriers, it also poorly serves as an opportunity for strangers to keep up with your whereabouts. You should follow multiple rules of thumb when it comes to social media. Don’t share the surroundings of your home in picture format, don’t post when you’re out of town and certainly don’t publicly share your address! Staying private is essential when it comes to protecting your home.


Finally, our last security measure recommendation to keep your property and your family safe is that of an efficient alarm system. Alike smart doorbells, new technologies allow us to connect our house alarms to our smartphones, so we get a notification if our house alarm is set off and we’re out of the area. Alarms also act as a great deterrence measure for intruders and are considered better home security measures as the sound will more likely be noticed during the day and while we sleep.

What security measures do you currently have? Are they in need of an upgrade?

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