Easy Spring Wreath DIY

March 19, 2018

Weather has gotten just a little bit warmer over here in Toronto. And thanks to daylight saving time, the sun stays for longer. Bye bye to the gloomy, grey sky! I can't wait for Spring to arrive already!

I wanted to make my own wreath for my front door to welcome Spring. But the thought of arranging florals and stems intimidated me. I was never good at floral arrangements so I actually didn't know how to get started. After doing some research online, it actually wasn't that hard after all.

I was inspired by Kirsten from Craftiments on her beautiful bird house wreath and thought I could recreate my own for my home. I love the pop of colour inside the welcoming grassy wreath, especially how much it matches the look of my own house! Here's what I've put together:

To Start, You'll Need...

...to decide how you want your wreath to look like first. I wanted mine to look welcoming, refreshing with a mixed foliage of green and lime colours. Then, I decided the size I want my wreath to be so it looks good on my front door.

Grapevine Wreath

I took advantage of Michael's 50% sale and picked up a 18" grapevine wreath. It was only $4.50! Score! I also picked up a bunch of mixed ferns and leaves from their Spring floral selection at 40% discount. I made sure I picked up a large bunch so that I could cut out each stem to use for my arrangement and saved me some money that way. Because I wanted my wreath to look like Spring, I also bought some yellow mini flower stems as accents to my foliage.

{DIY} Spring Wreath For the Front Door

Mixed Foliage with Greens and Limes

Next, I started to cut out each stem from the bunch with a wire cutter and began sticking each stem around the wreath in the SAME direction. I arranged my dark green leaves first and let them flow naturally around the wreath in clock-wise starting from the top. Think of the wreath as a clock, I stuck the stem at 12 o'clock position then, 3 o'clock, then 6 o'clock, then 9 o'clock position. And filled the rest of the empty space equally afterwards. That way, you could make sure your leaves/stems are equally spread out in your wreath. Then, I added the lime coloured leaves and filled in all those empty spaces.

Lastly, I adorned the wreath with the yellow mini flowers. And the base of my wreath was done!

Wooden Bird House

I purposely picked a wooden bird house that resembles my own house's exterior siding from Dollarama and painted in acrylic yellow. Before I painted my bird house, I also spray-painted the bird house with a primer that I had lying around the house. I found this step made the acrylic paint colour pop more with only one application. I painted the roof in a burgundy colour to match my house's roof.

To make the "Home Sweet Home" sign in front of the bird house, I took a piece of popsicle stick and cut it down to a size that fits best for my bird house. 

I hand-lettered the words with a pencil on the popsicle so I could trace them out with my wood burner tool. This step needed to be handled carefully because the area of the popsicle stick wasn't that big. A fine tip was needed. I glued the sign with a glue gun and stuck it to the little handle so it stood out from the house. And viola! My little sign for my bird house was done!

Lastly, I hung my bird house with a piece of twine in the middle of the wreath. 

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  1. That is such a cute spring wreath! Congrats on your first attempt. I love making grapevine wreaths as I can always play around with the arrangement. Pinned.

    1. Thank you! I think I'll be making more grapevine wreaths now too!

  2. Super pretty and organic. Love the added birdhouse.
    Happy spring, Kippi #kippiathome


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