Sydney Helicopter Ride Experience For Your Unique Marriage Proposal

August 19, 2019

We've all probably dreamt of what our dream marriage proposal would be like. A marriage proposal can be both nerve-wracking and exciting to plan and execute, especially if the marriage proposal is done somewhere a bit off the wall. There've been many documented marriage proposals that have taken place somewhere a bit out of the ordinary and today, I'm sharing with you some of the unique ones that I've encountered during my visit in Sydney.

If you're considering proposing to your loved one in the near future and want to do it somewhere really different, please read on. The marriage proposal needs to be as memorable as the wedding itself, so whether you’re looking into helicopter flights or even underwater on the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll never be short of venues in Australia.

A Surprise With A Difference

First things first, although you may have lots of weird and wonderful ideas as to where to make your marriage proposal you need to be sure that your loved one will appreciate it as well. I know some people prefer proposing in public, but this can be excruciatingly embarrassing for the other person, especially if the answer is negative. Sunset on the beach may be a nice idea but it's been done before. Choosing something that's memorable and that your partner would appreciate is important. For example, if she is scared of heights, a roof stop restaurant, hot air balloon ride or even a helicopter flight, your marriage could be over before it starts! However, if your future spouse has no fear of heights and is up for anything that's adventurous and different, what would you choose? A hot air balloon trip? The top of a bungee jump? A helicopter tour over Sydney? There're many cool options out there but in my opinion, a marriage proposal in the sky represents the utmost in romance and can be very memorable.

If you are based in or around Sydney, one of those helicopter flights is probably the best option. Affordable, convenient and close to home are 3 ingredients that can make your marriage proposal an occasion to remember for all the right reasons.

What Can I Expect With A Sydney Helicopter Flight?

The companies that run Sydney helicopter flights are eager to give you the best possible experience and will generally offer some type of package when you enquire.

The flights will generally consist of 25-30 minutes air time direct from Sydney Airport. If you select a night flight (recommended for romance!), you will see the illuminated Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and the city lights that outline the harbour.

Most packages include:

  • Complimentary refreshments before/after the flight
  • Photo opportunities in front of the helicopter
  • Informative expert commentary with BOSE voice activated headsets

This is the ultimate marriage proposal venue and as an added benefit, leaves you with more than enough time for a romantic meal after the flight. Even if it's just touring around Sydney, a helicopter ride is still a fun way to site-see and make those lasting memories.

A well-regarded, long established helicopter tour company may even put on something special to mark this special occasion - call them and find out, you won’t know until you ask! 

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  1. Mandy MelansonAugust 19, 2019

    This is a beautiful idea! I would love this!

  2. What a perfect trip to tick off your list. The views look amazing and I can only imagine how thrilled anybody being proposed to here would be. Simply stunning

  3. The helicopter ride seems so cool! I have always wanted to tour a place in one and it looks like you enjoyed it! Gorgeous!

  4. Oh my, I think if my ex husband proposed to me on a helicopter, we wouldn't have separated. HAHAHA. Just kidding. But this is such a lovely idea. Romantic. One of a kind, indeed.

  5. What a cool idea for proposal. I really like it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh wow this looks beautiful, would definitely be some proposal <3

    The Quirky Queer

  7. what an amazing idea. look pretty cool!


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