6 Essential Tips to Use During Pregnancy

January 28, 2020

Tips during Pregnancy

Learning that you’re pregnant can be one of the most exciting moments in life. Your life as you know it is about to change, and soon you’ll have a little one to care for. But that’s not to say that pregnancy is a time to relax and kick back; instead, there are several essential tips that moms-to-be should be aware of. These can help ensure your pregnancy is as smooth and comfortable as possible. Here are some of the tips that could be useful for you during pregnancy.

Stay Active Whenever Possible

One of the best things you can do for yourself and the baby is to stay as active as possible. For some women that could mean an exercise class, a workout at the gym or something a bit more laid-back, like a walk after dinner or hiking on a basic trail. The point is to get up and get moving comfortably.

Some of the benefits to exercising during pregnancy include:
  • It helps to fight fatigue
  • It can alleviate backaches
  • It helps to build stamina, which can be handy during labour
  • It fights stress and anxiety
  • It can help prevent gestational diabetes
  • It reduces bloating and constipation
  • It reduces swelling
  • It can improve your mood
  • It helps you to sleep better

That’s a whole lot of benefits from just one activity.

Switch to Comfortable Shoes

This tip cannot be overstated enough: wearing comfortable shoes in the second half of pregnancy will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Many women find they need to go up a shoe size due to water retention, so squeezing into your current shoes shouldn't be an option. Ideally, you want to choose shoes that offer support and are versatile in that you can wear them with different outfits. Women tend to feel most comfortable in flats the further along in pregnancy they get.

Look into Prenatal Vitamins

While the goal is to get your vitamins and nutrients through your diet, this can often be difficult to achieve. This is especially the case for women experiencing any sort of morning sickness during pregnancy that makes it hard to eat a balanced diet and keep it down. Because you want to give your baby all the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow and be healthy, prenatal vitamins play an important role.

This prenatal nutrition bundle from Needed can be taken before, during and then after pregnancy - the vitamins are that effective and important. Whether you choose a capsule form or a powder that can easily be added to smoothies, these vitamins are meant to supplement any gaps in your diet. The bundle of prenatal nutrition features three months’ worth of product. Keep in mind that prenatal vitamins are specifically formulated for mom and baby, so just the standard multi-vitamin isn’t going to cut it.

Work On the Baby’s Room a Little at a Time

There’s no doubt you are anxious to get moving on the baby’s room, getting it all decorated and set up, but there’s no need to rush through the process. That can be overwhelming and then it will force you to make impulse purchases that may not end up being necessary. Instead, take your time planning the space, picking up what you need and then working on it little by little so that it’s not too stressful.

Baby Nursery Room Decor
Baby Nursery Room Reveal

Join a Childbirth Class

A childbirth class is a great way to provide you with insight into what to expect during the labour and delivery process. Not only will you learn about the process that can take place, but you can meet some other couples who are also preparing for a baby, and you could end up being great friends for playdates down the road.

Some couples also choose to do a tour of the maternity wing in the hospital they will deliver in. Again, it takes away stress and anxiety as you will know what to expect.

Treat Yourself to Stylish Maternity Clothes

For far too long, maternity clothing has gotten a bad reputation as being bland and boring, but that is no longer the case. Designers realize that just because a woman is pregnant, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to look stylish and fashionable, so today you’ll find a huge array of fabulous maternity clothing.

Be sure to pick pieces that can be mixed and matched to get plenty of use out of them. Some pieces will expand with you as you grow. They can be worn after pregnancy too as you start to lose weight.

Thanks to these tips, you’ll be able to breeze through your pregnancy with ease, enjoying every moment of this time. Once you're ready, take a look at this guide for preparing for a baby. 

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