The Most Secure Locks for Modern Homes

January 04, 2020

secure locks for modern homes

Security is a major industry and one of the most lucrative on the planet. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their homes, and so many different types of door locks have been invented. From the old and simple padlocks to complex pinions, there is a lock for just about any door. Modern homes now have modern technology that needs to be protected. The locksmithing industry has evolved to the point where some locks are virtually impenetrable and these are just some of the most secure locks you will find for your modern home.


Still considered the most secure lock on the market, deadbolts come in single or double cylinders. They are the most secure locks because they cannot be easily picked. It takes physical force to move the lock from one position to another by using a key as well as turning the knob at the same time.

Single cylinders are the most common types of deadbolts installed in modern homes and can be locked from the inside without the use of a key. Double cylinder deadbolts are very much the same as single cylinders but with one major advantage. The door can only be locked and unlocked with a key from both the inside and the outside. This adds to security because, without the key, a double cylinder deadbolt will not open at all.

Electronic Smart Locks

Part of the new technology available for high-security features, smart locks work on remote access through your smartphone and a key fob. Smart locks are handy because you don’t need to touch the door to enter. As long as your key fob and smartphone are within range you can open your home doors. The high-range smart locks include other security features like voice control and audio and visual recording.

If you lose the key fob or misplace your smartphone, you can still enter with the use of a traditional key, but if you don’t have this key, you will need to call a locksmith. Serving the Markham Canadian area, Pick 4 Locksmith can help if you get locked out. A 24-hour locksmith service, Pick 4 Locksmith can help with lock replacements, repairs, and new installations for high-end security locks. Check out their website for some interesting blog posts about home security.

Automatic Sensor Locks

Using infrared technology, automatic locks like these use a sensor to unlock the door. Most hotels use this system and you will recognize this type of lock by the card they issue to you when you book in. Other sensor locks use a small device that you hold up to the sensor to open the door. These types of locks are beneficial because they will notify you when a door opens or closes with a small beep. These devices sense any movement that will engage the locking mechanism to either lock or unlock.

The type of lock you choose for your home largely depends on what you can afford. When it comes to home security, you get what you pay for. These are the most secure locks on the market and are recommended by most locksmiths.

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