What To Buy Your Niece or Nephew: A Guide for First Time Aunts and Uncles

October 09, 2020

A Guide for First Time Aunts and Uncles

It can be an exciting time when you first learn you are soon going to become an aunt or an uncle for the very first time. After hearing the fantastic news, you may start to think about what gifts you will get for her newborn baby. Of course, knowing whether it will definitely be a boy or a girl is a big help when you are gift buying, but it may be the case the baby’s parents have deliberately decided not to learn what sex the baby will be before it is born. In that case, something gender-neutral will be preferred.

Here's a brief guide to what first-time aunts and uncles can buy for their niece(s) or nephew(s).

A Baby Shower May Be a Good Opportunity to HandOver Your Gift for Your Niece or Nephew

Baby showers are very popular in the United States for years and 2021 is no exception. They are an occasion where guests come to the mother’s home or another venue to congratulate her on her new arrival. Usually, guests also tend to provide the mother with gifts for the baby. So, when buying gifts for your new niece and nephew it may be crucial to keep in mind the date when the baby shower is taking place to make sure you manage to get the gifts in time.

However, it is not compulsory to hold a baby shower and many people also choose not to have one.

Baby Clothes and Accessories

Buying baby clothes and accessories such as bibs, shoes, socks, hats, mittens, and so on are a great choice of gift to go for as these are essential items that every baby needs. Babysoy offer a range of items that are top quality and will be perfect as a gift for your niece or nephew.

Get a Crib

A quality crib or some bedding is always a great idea as a gift. These items can be expensive for the new parents-to-be so gifting these will help to take some expenses off their shoulders. However, consider speaking to the parents before going out and spending your money.


Whether it’s a toy truck, a teddy bear, a doll, a spongey ball to play with, or plastic building blocks, babies love toys and spending time playing with them. Bear in mind that for the first year of their life, your niece or nephew will probably not have developed enough yet to fully appreciate playing with toys, but as they get closer to being a toddler, they may start loving to play with the toys you bought for them. We all have fond memories of the first toys that we had as kids.

Becoming an auntie or uncle for the very first time is a life occasion that you should cherish and look forward to with a great sense of joy and excitement.

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