Women’s Health Concerns: What You Need To Know At All Ages

November 18, 2020

Women of all ages will have specific health concerns to be aware of. There may be some issues linked with infertility that are linked to age, amongst other things, but this article will cover general health for women throughout life.

Heart Disease

Whilst heart disease is a global issue, heart disease accounts for one in every five female deaths in the United States alone. This makes it the number one killer for women and is something they should be aware of so that they can make changes. Many factors contribute to causing these statistics, from high blood pressure and cholesterol to smoking. If possible, try to incorporate daily exercise to help fight this.

Ovarian Cancer

This type of cancer can be difficult to diagnose because of the vague symptoms. This means the condition is quite complex, but a doctor will be able to do a pap smear on you to detect any specific issues such as cervical cancer. Cervical cancer originates in the uterus, whereas ovarian cancer will come from within the fallopian tubes, which are harder to get to. They both will cause pain, with cervical cancer-causing some discharge and pain during sex.

Likely, you will never be able to diagnose this yourself, so you may need to go for an annual screening or at least every few years. Of course, the more often you go, the more you will be able to protect your health.

Pregnancy Issues

Something that women will suffer with compared to men issues with pregnancy. This can come in many different forms, from potential miscarriages to various pregnancy pain. It will be crucial for you that you don’t suffer from this alone, and instead work with a pregnancy doctor or nurse. These specialists, also known as an obstetrician or a midwife, will work with you to help you successfully get through pregnancy.

Breast Cancer

Whilst breast cancer can affect a small percentage of men, it will largely affect women. This type of cancer is the most common invasive cancer in females, leading to far too many deaths. There are signs you can look out for, such as an unusual lump that has formed or changes in your breasts that seem abnormal.

One way you can find out more about your breasts is by getting an advanced screening. The sooner you can detect breast cancer, the better the survival rates are. That’s because you’ll be able to start treatment sooner and find ways to beat it. No breast cancer will be the same in each case, either because of where it has started growing from or because of something else entirely.

To book a full-body scan, consider speaking to professionals Ezra, who specialize in this area with their advanced MRI machines. You can learn more and contact them for information at ezra.com.

Depression And Anxiety

Whilst anyone can suffer from depression and anxiety, studies have shown that natural hormonal fluctuations in women can lead to these issues. It can come in many different specialized forms too.

One common example is when a new mother gives birth. She can be hit with anxiety and depression known as the baby blues which makes them feel incompetent for the care of the baby or even no love. This can be difficult to get out of and has led to suicides in the past. If you or someone you know is in this position, consider reaching out to someone who can provide advice. Usually, this is an expert, but you may know someone who could assist.

Perimenopause, which is the shift into menopause can also lead to depression. This can be for several reasons, but it’s something that can be managed and relieved through prescription or even treatments.

Domestic Violence

Something that sadly affects a lot of women in the modern age is domestic violence. This refers to violence at home from a partner or family. It can be anything from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in the household. It can happen against anyone and sadly anyone could be an abuser. It’s important that if you or anyone you know is going through this, that you seek help before an emergency arises.

Sexual Health

Of course, both men and women can suffer from some sexual health problems, but there will be some issues unique to women. Take vaginismus as an example, where the vagina tightens up without your control preventing any penetration. This largely can affect your sex life and is something that can cause relationship issues.

You must speak to your partner about this if you’re worried about it. There will be options available to you and potential treatments. Consider speaking to your doctor to find out more, the same can be said for everything mentioned within this article.

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