5 Smart Ways To Keep Your Personal And Professional Life Separate When Working Remotely

June 08, 2021

Working Remotely

Remote working is more popular than ever before. There are many benefits to working from home, and it can offer fantastic benefits for your work-life balance if done well. It is crucial to properly separate your home and work lives to get the most out of remote working.

It can be difficult to know the best ways to keep your work, and home lives separate, particularly if you live in a smaller space. This article will explore some of the best ways to keep the two sides of your life separate and ensure you get the most out of each.

Set Boundaries With Your Colleagues

You should ensure your colleagues know your working hours and that you will not be reachable outside of these hours. It can be easy when working from home to give in to the temptation to send off a quick email after you’ve finished for the day, but this can set a precedent that can be hard to break later on.

It can be beneficial to ensure your hours are set on your company’s communication platform so that your co-workers can see when you are available. Overwork is closely associated with worker burnout, so sticking to your hours is crucial.

Build A Comfortable Office In Your Yard

Keeping your office area as separate as possible can be invaluable for keeping work and home separate. One of the most innovative trends in recent years is the rise of the office shed.

These can be set up in your backyard and can provide the perfect place to work, free of the distractions of your home life. You could invest in a quality office shed to get the most out of the environment and keep it solely for business use. Take a look at some incredible options for office sheds from the experts at Ulrich.

Keep A Diary Of Your Time

Keeping a diary of your time spent working can help you identify whether you’re going over your hours unintentionally. Keep a journal for a couple of weeks and count up the amount of time you spend working. If it is far beyond the hours you’re contracted to work, try to identify where these hours are spent and reduce them.

Start And Finish Your Day With A Walk

Beginning and ending your workday with a walk can be a great way to help you start energized and finish relaxed. It can be the perfect way to ensure you switch off from work. Physical fitness is even more important when working from home, as there is less reason than ever to get out of the house. Slotting in a couple of walks each day will keep you active and give you the chance to disconnect from work.

Wear Your Normal Office Clothes

It can be tempting to work in comfortable clothes or even your pyjamas when working from home. This can impact your mindset while you work, making it easy to blur the lines between work and home life. It is best to get dressed in the clothes you’d usually wear to the office so that you have the right mindset while working and can change into your casual clothes after you’re finished working.

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