Interior Design Trends in 2022

April 01, 2022

Interior Design Trends in 2022

As we head into 2022 and (hopefully) out the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re beginning to see how the last few years of change have affected interior design trends – with the choices that people make in their homes reflecting their need for space, stimulation, and a reconnection with the outside world.

While it’s not entirely practical to actually bring the outdoors indoors, there are many ways in which you can attempt to create the same feelings invoked by a day walking in the forest or taking a stroll at the beach or coast - all by using principles of interior design.

Read on to find out more about 2022’s interior design trends, and establish how you can go about bringing these fresh ideas into your home.

Modern Coastal Décor

Front and center of the recent surge in bringing the essence of the outdoors into the home is Modern Coastal Decor, where the objective is to create the same relaxing, cerebral feelings experienced by the seaside.

While coastal décor can be associated with awkward trinkets and rustic furnishings, the principles of modern coastal décor do away with this for a light, crisp, fresh feng shui that aims to relax and revitalize, rather than being outwardly nautical in design and presentation.

This means dropping bold shades of colors such as blue and yellow for lighter tones that embrace the minimalistic nature of modern design while also paying homage to the sand and sky.

The focus on natural color palettes means that when it comes to furnishing your home in Modern Coastal Décor style, using natural material to furnish the room instantly compliments the style. Woven baskets and driftwood-style lampshades create a beautiful contrast against the soft coloring used on the walls and ceilings, further painting the picture of a breezy coastal retreat.

Biophilic Design

With so much time spent indoors during the pandemic, it’s no surprise that design trends are showing an eagerness to bring more nature inside the home, using design strategies that encourage connection to the outside world.

By using large, sweeping windows, light levels can be kept high – and with foliage located near the glass outside, natural shadows can be cast into your living spaces to create dynamic spaces that always reflect the present moment.

As well as this, high ceilings create the headspace needed for rooms to feel airy, and assorted plants can add a natural dimension without overcrowding your spaces. The bold greens and bright colored flowers can establish a contrast with softer tones on the walls and ceilings to emphasize the presence of the plants.

Sustainability by Nature

Whether it’s by law or out of one’s own conscience, sustainability is a vital part of interior design in 2022. Much emphasis has been put on re-establishing our connection with the outside world, and integrating sustainable practices into our interior design philosophy naturally achieves this – with wood being a pertinent example.

Reclaimed wood can easily be reshaped into whatever you want it to be, from tables and chairs to chopping boards, placemats, and trinkets – while bamboo is a hugely versatile material that grows quickly and is easily replaced.

Also, consider materials such as scrap/recycled metal, as recycled steel uses as much as 75% less energy than creating new steel from scratch.

It’s also worth considering the material used in items such as rugs, blankets, paintings, and ornaments – with rugs and blankets, avoid using polyester and other fake wools and replace them with sheep’s wool, which is both sustainable, durable, and incredibly warm.

Pursuing sustainable design trends is vital for reducing our impact on climate change, meaning it’s important to stay curious and innovative so that these practices can become trends that soon become the norm.

Mindfulness Spaces

Having spent so much time in our personal spaces, many people have realized the impact that these spaces can have on our general wellbeing. It’s no good for a space to simply cater to the physical needs of a person anymore – psychological needs are just as, if not more important, which requires a focus on creating a room that brings us excitement and satisfaction as well as comfort and practicality.

Creating a mindful space is an entirely personal matter, as each person has different things that make them feel present and relaxed. Incorporating aspects of your interests, hobbies, and passions helps to remind you of your achievements and what is important, while items of sentimental value such as family photos and heirlooms help to emphasize the feeling of being at home.

For those that engage in mindfulness meditation practices, creating a space that allows for peace, quiet, and presence is essential to feel grounded. House plants are shown to have a psychologically beneficial effect while allowing in lots of natural light is shown to boost mental health.
Tradition and longevity

A reflection of the impact of both Covid-19 and the Climate Crisis, the inclusion of traditional, long-lasting styles is a popular choice in 2022. After we were stopped from engaging in many of the activities that are important to us during the pandemic, people are searching to reconnect with family and friends, and our homes are a vital place in that connection happening.

Tradition can often mean the embracing of particular styles and colours that are familiar to us, using décor, furnishings, and art styles from our parent’s or grandparents’ playbook. Using items passed down from friends and family creates a strong feeling of belonging and sentiment, which helps to form a stronger connection with those that are close to you.

Especially in the modern-day, trends can be fleeting and fast-moving – which has contributed to a diet of consumerism that encourages the new over proven lasting quality styles. By continuing to develop a personal design taste and embracing quality over quantity, we can reduce our impact on the environment as we buy things without the intention to shortly replace them, as well as by browsing second-hand stores such as charity shops and reclaim centers.

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