Love is in the bear! Valentine’s Day breakfast for kids

February 14, 2024

Valentine’s Day breakfast bear

With Chinese new year celebration, Valentine’s day and my birthday coming up…it’s been a busy month in our household. Justice wrote his first Valentine’s cards for his friends in his class and it was the cutest thing. I loved receiving a little something from my friends back in school. It warmed my heart. And I want to make my little guy feel special as well on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what I made for him for breakfast. He loves getting a surprise breakfast like this just as much as I love making it for him.

How to make this Valentine’s Day breakfast

I used a fluffy pancake recipe then made the batch ahead of time. In order to use the cookie cutters to cut the shapes. I froze the pancakes in the freezer ahead of time. Once they are frozen, it was a lot easier to cut them into different shapes including small pieces like the hearts.

After all the pieces were cut, I wrapped them back up in Saran Wrap and put them back to the freezer until next morning to assemble.

Prepping ahead of the time really helps me as we all know time is usually rushed in the morning with kids at home….I was a little disappointed that we ran out of strawberries at home (like how could I let that happen??). I had to improvise and use strawberry rhubarb jam to create little blobs of hearts and eyes because it was lacking some colours.

For the ears and mouth, I used Nutella mixed with a bit of milk so that I got the thinner consistency to draw in.

And that’s it!

Hope y’all have a happy valentine’s day!

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