Travel to Europe {Santorini, Greece}

April 26, 2016

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation

Alas, I arrived to my most anticipated destination of this #HosGoGlobal 10-day journey, Santorini! Woohoo!!! Friends who have been there told me how beautiful this island is and how picturesque it is to see whitewashed houses layering over the hills. So I'm so excited that I get to confirm these myths myself despite that it was only a one-day visit with my family.

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation

We did not join any excursions since you could walk your way around Santorini. We thought we could maximize our time better this way. After we landed, the first thing to do was to find a way to get to Fira from the port. There were 3 ways: walk 588 steps, ride the cable car or ride a donkey. I knew for a fact that I did not want to climb up the steep slopes. My legs became extremely sore the next day after climbing the Great Wall of China from my Asia trip last time. So having learned my lesson, I took the donkey ride up.

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation
{Donkeys, you're so cute but also scary!}

Riding the donkey was the most terrifying transportation that I've been on! And I'm not joking. The donkeys don't stop or turn away to avoid the pedestrians even if you try to control them. They just continue on their own and stop on spots once awhile so that you can take a picture of the view. They also walk extremely close to the edge of the hill. If you don't pay attention, you might scratch your foot or just fall off the cliff. As terrifying as it is, I must say though, it was a well spent 5 dollar Euro!

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation
{Look at that steep zigzag pathway from the port!!!}

We visited the Agiou Mina church recognizable by its famous blue dome and white bell tower. Then, we took the local bus to Oia! We were lucky we could actually squish into the bus together in one piece since there were so many tourists trying to do the same. The system was a bit strange and unorganized to me. Nobody knew where to take the bus, where and how to get off the bus and what to do with the bus tickets! Then midway during the overcrowded bus ride, someone squeezed through and collected all the tickets one by one.

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation

In the end, we somehow managed to get off the bus and found Oia. The village is so dreamy and scenic. So many cool shops and unique boutiques built into the caldera. I actually find it amazing how people could find their way through the narrow passageways since everywhere is white and there were not really any signs telling you where to go. I guess I'm the only one directionally challenged. Lol!
Here's a glimpse of my trip:

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation
{Of course I had to try their authentic gyros! It's not a big difference compared to the ones in Toronto surpisingly}
Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation
{Hat: Old Forever 21 // Sunnies: Coach // White top: Old Forever 21 // Maxi dress: Hong Kong // Flats: China town // Bag: Old Samantha Thavasa}

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation

Santorini, Greece - Celebrity Cruise Vacation

With all the nice shops and boutiques around, it wasn't hard for me to buy something to bring back home. Here are some souvenirs to consider bringing home from Santorini:

{Souvenirs to take home from Santorini}

Sterling Silver
Local Greek Wine
Olive Oil ( I got some olive oil bar soap and hand lotion)
Designer jewelry
Natural sea sponge (these work so well for cleaning your face, it helps cleanse your pores and makes your skin soft)

{#HosGoGlobal to Europe}

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