{My Bucket List} Surviving from White Water Rafting

July 28, 2009

My first white water rafting experience was a memorable one. I joined New World Rafting / Nouveau Monde Rafting with a group of friends. And the adventure package came with round trip bus rides, 2 water rafting runs and 3 meals each day during your stay. The weather was horrible on the first night at the campsite. We had to set up the tent in the dark with brutally heavy rain. The camp site had a central bar area where everybody could mingle and party with live music each night. The site also offered other activities such as beach volleyball, paintball, swimming pool, hot tub and fool's ball, in case you decided to chicken out on water rafting last minute.

The campground was also a bit small, tents were placed near to each other in close proximity.

{I could hear people snoring at night}

{My team getting our raft ready while I sit there and pose}
{Going down the rough current}
{Dinner: steak with salad and rice, chocolate cake for dessert}

{Vegetarian option is also available}

Our Saturday Run - with Rafter Guide, Marie-France at Washing Machine

Sunday Run - with Rafter Guide, David at Washing Machine

Few of my friends actually got injured during the run. One of them scarred her face because her goggle snapped when our raft flipped. Only a centimetre away from her eye too! Another friend twisted her ankle in the water and also another friend got strangled by the rope as he was being rescued. He ended up having a giant scar around his neck for some time. So, although water rafting was fun but I'd probably not do it again.

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