Lady Gaga Paparazzi {3 Halloween Makeovers}

November 04, 2009

lady gaga paparazzi halloween makeover

It's Halloween again! It's one of my favourite festivities because I love cosplaying...into a totally different identity. I just like to have some fun once awhile.

However, it took me quite some time to figure out what/who I want to dress up as. But at least I've decided not to be an angel anymore. After all, I dressed up as an angel for more than 10 years of my life...

This year, I've decided to go for three different looks:

{The Lady Gaga paparazzi look}

Ever since I heard Lady Gaga's song, Paparazzi, I fell in love with her songs. Especially after watching her music video, very captivating and cool-looking. I decided to go for that look and become that character.

I bought a blonde wig and handmade the mickey mouse sunglasses that she was wearing in the music video. You can buy yours here. Then, when it comes to outfit, I had a hard time going out the door without wearing pants... or at least tight pants. So in the end, I just took a picture and thought of another look.

{The cat lady look}

My friend bought me a pair of leopard ears clip-ons and I found the best occasions to wear them out! For me, being a cat lady is super easy. I have everything I need in my closet, making this look super cost effective, except missing the tail. I decided to keep my wig, it goes with the look any way.

{The devil look}

This is actually my first time dressing as a devil. It is a complete 180 change for me because I've always dressed up as an angel so it's totally different. I spent a mere $2 to grab the devil pieces from the dollar shop and complete my look with a black dress, red belt, red lipsticks and fish net stockings. Awesome eh?

I actually practiced my make up and put on my wig ahead of time just so that I can see if everything goes together, especially because this was also my first time putting on fake eye lashes...Everything was smooth during the practice run. Eye lashes fitted on perfectly in first attempt, the cat whiskers were drawn evenly, everything just went well. Of course, when it was the actual day,  I kept messing up the eye lashes, it took forever to glue them on. The whiskers were not matching each other, but due to time, I just had to accept imperfection otherwise I don't think I could step out of the door.

{After my eye make up, ready to put on the wig}

{My first dramatic fake eye lashes}

In the end, I fell in love with this blonde wig. I had so much fun wearing it. I love it! I love Halloween!

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