Camping in the Cold {Algonquin Mew Lake}

September 14, 2010

I haven't been keeping up with my updates on the blog recently but now I'm back in action after my camping trip to Algonquin. Honestly, I am not the camping type of girl. Yes, I know I call myself adventurous but if I can choose, I'd whether stay in a warm comfy bed at a hostel than laying down on the ground so close to nature, especially if the mother nature is not on your side and actually rains on you. I just hate the feeling of being wet and dirty.

Though, I must admit that being able to withdraw from the everyday mundane routine to experience nature with my friends is not entirely a bad idea. Beside freshen up our senses during this getaway, we also get to experience the most primitive ways of living together such as setting up bon fire to cook, preparing food in the wilderness and just keeping ourselves safe from the wildlife. We have a small gas stove with us thinking we could cook some broth and dumplings since the temperature drops to a mere 5 degrees (seriously, whose idea was this to camp?) And guess what, we didn't put the gas properly so the gas leaked when we turned on the stove. It catches a small fire and the stove is certified before we cook any! Surprisingly, I was the calmest one during the accident and was able to put out the fire in time while the rest just panicked cluelessly. 



Luckily the sun came back out the next day, so we were able to hike around the trails and appreciate the scenery. I am just very grateful that I did not come home sick.

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