{My Bucket List} Indoor Skydiving in Niagara

April 05, 2011

Thanks to my friend, Will who bought some coupons online for indoor skydiving. I always wanted to try that but still don't have the guts to do so. For now, the indoor skydiving perhaps will give me a taste of how the real thing will be like at least. I actually didn't notice there's a Freefall Interactive Centre located in Niagara Falls, if it wasn't because of my friend, I wouldn't have went to experience.

{You gotta love the freefall outfit }

The centre is a bit small and seems deserted. It wasn't packed at all, only a few groups when we went during the weekend. They provide you with helmets and goggles. Wear running shoes with you if you don't want to wear the ones they provide. It was fun watching people in the glass tube flying in mid air while their faces are all distorted. The staffs there will give you some precautions prior to your "flying" and how to protect yourself. Since they record you with their camera, there's no need to do one by your friend outside the glass. However, you will have to pay for that clip. Everyone knows by now that there's no free lunch, right?

Here's a clip that we purchased from them. I remembered it was like $18 but we split between the 3 of us so it wasn't too bad. Hopefully it didn't capture too much of my awkward expressions.

{ Lovely parrot while we tour around Niagara Clifton Hill }

At the end of our session, we each got a freefall t-shirt as a "graduation gift". Yay! I'm ready for the real thing now!

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