When dream comes to reality {MoRoCo}

February 24, 2012

MoRoCo has always been on my top to-try list because I am so attracted by the elegance and their store decor. I definitely have high hopes when I finally come to visit recently. But I must say I am not impressed. From the music choice (they were playing rock music when I was there, totally not the mood) to their service and food, I have nothing positive to give back. I think I'm only impressed with their decor and chinas. Servers are pushy. I have 5 different servers coming to me asking me if I want to order when I just sat down. I ordered a Chocolate Fondue from their menu, because it seems like it's one of the most popular thing that night. Everyone orders it, it must be good. It's $26 bucks but at least it can feed two people. There are other options too, but you will soon realize the fondue is the wiser pick because their cake costs $19 a slice!

But again, I am disappointed. Their so-called fondue basically is just chocolate in a cup where you dip fruits and other condiments into. Not even served hot. It is indeed very creamy and rich chocolate but definitely does not meet my bar for fondue and worth for that price. With the fondue, it comes with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, macarons and pineapples. The bananas are dark and unprofessionally sliced...with the price I'm paying I expect my bananas to be fresh and cut to the same widths. It is quite a disappointment when you see they charge you 18% gratuity and the food is not up to par. Their tea is nice, they are loose leaf teas not tea bags but they charge us a $2.50 for an extra tea cup without even asking us or informing us before. If we knew, we wouldn't have drink from the extra cup, not that we ordered one in the first place!


I'm not sure if I will come back again, if I do, maybe only to purchase a few of their macarons. But with the experience I have, I'm not sure if their macarons deserves its money value. It certainly gives me a feeling that they just want to throw an upscale place in Yorkville only to suck people's money with lack of thoughts in anything else.

{I think I'm more in love with their bathroom decor or just the decor in general}

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