{My Bucket List} Conquering Fear on High Ropes at YMCA

June 10, 2012

I remembered when I was a child, my dad took me to Woodbine Fantasy Fair and I tried on a kiddy high rope. It was so high for me that time that I started breaking into tears of fear. It took me a good half an hour to calm down and for my dad to convince me to complete the course while he followed me behind. I feared about insecurity and that the harness was enough to keep me safe. I was probably too young to even understand how a harness works.

To overcome my childhood fear, I challenged myself on the high ropes at YMCA Cedar Glen Outdoor Centre during a volunteer event from work. There were other activities at the centre too, including, archery, outdoor maze and rock climbing but I felt that this was a chance for me to untie my knot with the high ropes (see what I did there?).

YMCA Cedar Glen Park - High Ropes
{ The high ropes course }

I took a deep breath and stepped right onto my first wobbly rope. All I had was concentration and determination. It felt like the whole world went silent and I was in my zone. And step by step, I finished the entire course without breaking a sweat! I think I was too focused that I forgot how high these ropes were. I know this was probably not the most challenging high ropes out there but it was such a great feeling to conquer your inner fear and prove yourself you have grown and become better. 

YMCA Cedar Glen Park - Rock Climbing
{ Rock Climbing }

YMCA Cedar Glen Park
YMCA Cedar Glen Park
{ Very large open space - See that far end with the wall? That's where you do archery }

YMCA Cedar Glen Park - High Ropes
{ Lost in the woods }

YMCA Cedar Glen Park
{ Volunteering fun } 

YMCA Cedar Glen Park

Believe in yourself, and you will overcome all obstacles.

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