{Travel Diary} China's Fun Times

July 19, 2012

{with Mao}
I'm back with new updates from my wonderful vacation to my home country, China! In case you're wondering, "You're a Chinese, weren't you from and familiar with China?" The answer is no. I've never been to China. I was born in Hong Kong. It used to be ruled by the British back in the days before I immigrated to Canada, so I am not all that familiar with their culture and pretty much...everything. But I must say, I'm glad I went and with my family on this 10-day trip through Jacco Tours. We travelled all the way to Hong Kong first, a 14-hour direct flight and then a 4-hour flight to Beijing immediately the next day. Then, we toured around Nanjing, Wu She, Hang Zhou, Shu Zhou and Shanghai by bus (I know it sounds a lot of travelling  back and forth but Chinese people generally like to waste no time, even when it comes to vacation). Although, there was a lot of walking and early morning calls but the fun thing was that we got to travel together with a group of fun and friendly fellows from Canada as well, including a lot of them who are not even Chinese. Seeing how impressive some of them get from understanding the history of our ancient artefacts and architectures, I can't help but to feel proud of my home country. 

If anybody is planning to go on a vacation, just to explore and experience about the culture, China is one of the best places to visit (I mean, really, the Great Wall is somewhere one must visit for at least once in their lifetime). It is that breathtaking and the climb to all the way up is a great workout challenge. As our old Chinese sayings say, "You'll never become a real man unless you've walked the Great Wall". 

Here are some of the selected pictures out of the 2000 that I've taken during the trip.

{ Beijing }

{ Cutest police car I've seen! }

{ The breathtaking view of the Great Wall of China - must go for once } 

 { I climbed all the way up to the top of the Great Wall 3000 high steps in total. Super proud of myself, but my legs are sore for the next three days, not joking! } 

  { Father Suen's Graveyard 中山陵 }

{ could not resist buying a head piece } 

{ The surprise of the trip Can you believe that the KFC in China actually sells congee instead of actual chicken!? and these are BBQ duck! }

{ The intersection of hell during the day }

{ You gotta love the creativity from us. Is this considered as a bike or a car? }

I learned that people in China don't follow traffic lights. It was terrifying for us just o get to the other side of the street even when the pedestrian lights are on. Cars, bikes are going from all kinds of directions. You'll even see a car parked on the sidewalk! So be very careful when you are crossing the street when you're there.

{ Wu Zhen }

During the trip, we also went to this 1000 year old town called Wu Zhen. They called it the Eastern Venice. I've yet to been to Venice but this will satisfy me for now.

{ with the family }

{ Hang Zhou }

Hang Zhou is my favourite city during this trip. It really looks exactly like those ancient Kung Fu movies with beautiful natural scenery everywhere. The most notable one is the well known West Lake. 

{ Wu Xi }

{ the infamous Tai Woo Park or aka Lake Tai}

{ Shanghai }

Shanghai is very modernized and much more "civilized" than other cities of China, I would say. As soon as you step into the grounds of Shanghai, you'll sense that people here are faster paced. The streets are more developed and westernized. The view at the lake overlooking Nanjing Road is splendid and a must-go for all tourists.

{ Night view near the shore } 

{ On a boat cruise looking at Nanjing Road }

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