Bowling Fun Back in Time

January 30, 2013

family bowling fun
My parents came to my brother and I with much excitement one day telling us that they got a Groupon for a discounted family bowling package. I haven't been bowling for at least 10 years and I didn't know that I actually haven't bowled with my family for almost 20 years! Time really flew by fast. When I was still in elementary, my dad would take my brother and I to bowling during our summer break. That's how we both learned to bowl and we both got pretty good at it. My dad is a pretty skilled bowler. He has a display of bowling trophies that he won from championships at home. If it wasn't because of my dad's subscription to Groupon deals, our family probably wouldn't have thought about bowling to bring us some quality time together. We even discussed which day would be the best day for bowling and scheduled off all our plans in advanced to make sure we are all able to make it.

family bowling fun

With strong anticipation, we got super pumped on our day of bowling fun. The loud sound of strikes and juggling of bowling pins made me nostalgic of the good old days. I still remember what bowling shoe size I wear from the rental counter. My feet didn't get bigger as time goes by. My dad, on the other hand brought all his own equipment to the bowling centre. When we got to our own alley to get changed into our shoes, my dad was shocked to find out that his own bowling ball that he kept in his old school dust-covered bowling bag has distorted through time. Even, his metal hand guard has also become rusty and defective. It's really been a long time since he last bowled as well, luckily, his bowling shoes are still in good shape and form. 

family bowling fun

We quickly assigned our playing order from youngest to oldest starting from my cousin to my dad playing last. I am a straight bowler but I could aim pretty accurately for a strike or a spare. I was glad that my bowling skills are still there after so many years. It took my brother one game to warm up before he could play at his usual standard. We all looked forward to seeing my dad's charm in bowling once again. The way he releases the ball and puts a spin at the end so that the ball curves in an angle just before it hits the pins is electrifying to watch. But the flow of time is always cruel, because of long time knee injury, my dad found out that he could not play as hard as before anymore. My dad stayed pretty positive throughout and even made fun of himself for getting older. At the end of the game, my dad still won with the highest score but almost half of what he used to score in his golden era. From this, it actually made me realize how much time has gone by and that my parents are getting so much older than just from looking at them everyday.

family bowling fun

If only we could turn back time, I'd do more of this type of activities with my family. They seemed to really enjoy doing something fun with the whole family than the regular routine-ish errands. But it is never too late. Let me plan for our next family fun, I'm sure we will have a blast just like this one.

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