{What's for Afternoon Tea?} Rice Krispies Cups

January 31, 2013

After a full work week of eating the same tasteless spinach salad for lunch, I just want to treat myself to something nice and sweet. Otherwise, I'm afraid my stomach will go on strike and my taste buds will get bored to death. Here is what sparked me for a simple and easy afternoon snack: my brother's case of Rice Krispies squares from Costco!

It didn't occur to me before that you can play around with these rice krispies. So I took out my muffin pan and squished my rice krispies into the mould to form a cup. And it became a very cute krispies cup! I seem to really like any food presentation that comes in a cup shape. Other than fancy cupcakes and salad chicken bacon cup, this is like the third kind of food cups that I've attempted. They look too adorable for my camera!

To make these cute Rice Krispies cups, you will need:

{Ingredients} - each Rice Krispies square can make one cup

Rice Krispies Squares (or you can make your own by melting marshmallows and combine with cereal)
Whipped Cream/ Ice Cream  (vanilla flavour would be best)
Chocolate Sticks
Diced strawberries


1. Roll Rice Krispies squares flat with a roller

2. Lay Rice Krispies onto a muffin pan mould to form to the desired shape

3. Add whipped cream or ice cream into the cup

4. Break chocolate stick into 1/3 and insert into the cream

5. Sprinkle the diced strawberries on top
6. Take a picture and devour!

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