{Strawberry Challenge} Strawberry Yogurt Parfait with Cheerios

March 06, 2013

I got a text message from a friend one day telling me Cheerios are on sale for $4 and it comes with a free movie pass with purchase. I immediately asked my friend to help get me two boxes without even thinking if anybody will be eating them at home ( I rarely eat cereals). I was all for the free movie passes obviously.

Then, I'm stuck with these two boxes at home which I have trouble finishing myself since I don't like the sogginess of cereals once the milk was poured into the bowl.

So, then I went to the supermarket and got myself a tub of Greek yogurt. I have never tried and thought it will be a first while making this parfait I have in mind. To play safe, I bought the one with peach flavour. Just in case I don't like the original taste of Greek yogurt.

For this quick and easy snack, I layered few spoonful of Greek yogurt into a glass first then added a bunch of cheerios, tossed in diced strawberries and lastly topped with the Greek yogurt. I didn't know parfait is this easy.

And what happened to the 2 free movie passes? I ended up giving them to my parents to enjoy a movie date for the Life of Pi.

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