{Outfit Challenge} How to be Casually Elegant on Valentine's day

February 14, 2013

I can't believe it's already Valentine's day and just three more days until my birthday (woohoo)! A friend invited me to a "casual" dinner date 2 weeks ago – you can check out our first date story here. It freaks me out every time I need to go on a date. I always panic because I need to find something to wear!

Based on my last experience, I felt that it is safer to be a little dressier than to be under-dressed. After all, you can simply take accessories away to tone down the formality if the event ends up being casual. Just like our previous date, this friend played mysterious on the restaurant again. The only clue he gave me was the dress code.

He told me to dress "Casually Elegant".

What kind of dress code is that? What does that even mean? 
I have no idea. I mean, how can you be both casual and elegant at the same time!? Is that even possible? It is nerve-racking to not know what’s coming and that I can't plan ahead. But at the same time, I admit, I do find this a bit exciting. It's like going on an outfit challenge! So with that in mind, I decided to go for a sweet and feminine look. Something that is not too formal for a dinner. Just because it is a date on Valentine’s day, it doesn’t mean that I have to wear reds and pinks. I'm a little sick and tired of wearing red because of Chinese New Year. So, I’d like to wear something a bit different this time yet keeping it appropriate for the occasion.

This is what I wore for Valentine's.

{Floral Skater Skirt | BooHoo, Burgundy Platform Heels | Top Shop, Peach Ruffle Top | Asos, Brown Belt | Old}
Ta-da! I always think floral prints make a girl cuter and girlish.

The vibrant colours help tone down the formality and adds a degree of playfulness. I described this outfit as chic and playful with a feminine flare.

What do you all think?

{Dessert Charm Bracelet | Gift,  Mint Green Clutch | Hong Kong, Gold Bow Earrings | Kate Spade, Burgundy Platform Heels | Top Shop}

What is your favourite outfit for Valentine’s date? 

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  1. Super cute! I agree that it can be refreshing to move beyond just red or pink. And, I think the floral print help keeps it appropriate for the holiday.


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