Bring Fun to a Snow Day!

February 11, 2013

So recently, we had this huge snowstorm in Canada. People even called it Snowmaggedon on Instagram. While it is a natural first reaction to panic, complain, scream and stress about this biggest snowstorm since 2008, sometimes I think we will be happier if we can all learn how to embrace and see the world from a positive perspective.

{How to bring some fun on a snow day}

Next time, before shoveling the 20 cm of snow off your driveway. Bring out your snowboard or skiing gears out! Don't let the fresh, thick fluffy snow get wasted, play with them, ski down your driveway or even cross country ski around your street to enjoy this beautiful Winter wonderland. Here is a peek of how my brother and I did it.

{ Bring out your snowboarding/skiing gears on a snow day }

{ Just ignore the weird looks that you might get from your neighbours for now and have fun }

Make use of the snow and build a snowman!
When's the last time you make a snowman? To be honest, I haven't done so since elementary. Although, building a snowman might seem child-like but this is exactly what can brighten up our mundane and routine lifestyles. Doesn't a snowman puts a smile on your face when you come back home on a cold day?

{ Please welcome our newest addition to the family - SnoHo. Yes, it has a name }

Start a snow fight! 
The scene of Beauty and the Beast comes up whenever I think of a snow fight. I know not all snow fights are  as romantic as the one in Disney movies but it sure will bring in a lot of laughter and good times with your siblings and friends (just keep in mind not to start one with your neighbors, they might not lend you their snow blower in case of an emergency).

Make a snow angel!
Lay down flat on your back on a clear bed of powdery snow. Swing your arms and legs back and forth like doing jumping jacks. This will leave a deep imprint on the snow that resembles a lot like an angel. 

{ Don't fall asleep while doing your snow angel }

These are just some ideas that I like to do on a snow day. However, while trying to have fun with the snow, don't forget to shovel them at the end before it is too late.

Enjoy your snow day!

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