A Day Full of Strawberries!

July 29, 2013

People often think I'm crazy with my obsessions of strawberries. I have a collection of strawberry goodies at home and I fight for the last strawberry on the cake. The colour, the shape and the taste of strawberries are all just too attractive to me. Yet shamefully, I have only been strawberry picking once in my entire life, which actually just happened this summer.

There was supposed to be a thunderstorm during that Saturday when I went strawberry picking with my friends. We were so close to cancelling this much anticipated activity but I was so determined that we could make it through the storm since the day was still quite bright when we left home. And we did.

I'm so glad that my friend found out Whittamore's Farm is pretty close in the area and offers a summer and fall Pick-Your-Own. We just so happened to make it in time for the first crop of strawberries.

The farm is huge, over 220 acre of fruits and vegetables, including not only strawberries but also raspberries, green peas, sugar snap peas, snow peas, green and yellow beans, beets and potatoes! We all got a bit excited and definitely had a great time picking while tasting a few every now and then, of course. The strawberries are generally small but sweet, we were in luck to find some that are relatively the same size as the ones sold in supermarkets because most of them had already been picked by others.

We were so blessed that it started to rain by the time we finished picking. Our day did not just end there though, we then headed over to my friend's gorgeous home to experiment some strawberry related recipes and prepare for a feast with our hand picked goods.

This was our Strawberrilicious menu:

{Crackers with creamy strawberry honey}
{Salad greens with freshly made raspberry vinaigrette and walnuts}

{Pan seared rosemary lamb chops served with a side of sugar peas}

{Divine strawberry Swiss roll with rich freshly whipped cream}

{Japanese mochi with strawberries and red bean paste filling}

{Buttery strawberry shortcake cookies}

{Milky homemade strawberry ice-cream}
{Refreshing homemade strawberry sorbet}

{House special Flamingo - lemonade & pineapple juice with ginger ale}

{A choice of red wine or sangria with berries}

{Take home}
{Artisan homemade strawberry jam}

Our meal was absolutely fantastic, especially because we hand picked our own ingredients. Maybe next time we can also try planting our own veggies and fruits ourselves, they will probably taste even better.

This pretty much summed up our fun day picking, cooking, drinking and eating everything strawberries. It's my kind of day.

Happy strawberry picking!

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