The Joy of Christmas

December 28, 2013

{My kind of gingerbread house}
Christmas is by far my favourite occasions of the year. I just love the festivities across the world and it is one of the few occasions that everyone celebrates and partake in no matter which religion or race you're in.

Here are some of the things I did during this holiday season and how you could also enjoy a bright and festive holiday next time.

{Toronto Christmas Market}

I went to the Toronto Christmas Market located at Distillery District. It was a free annual event that spanned across 3 weeks starting from the last week of November. The event captures the tradition of an European style Christmas market with artisan booths, entertainment, live musics, and of course choirs and carolers. It was fairly cold the day I went and I would advise to wear thick cotton socks with winter boots when visiting. I couldn't feel my toes during half way walking outdoor at the event and had to make occasional visits to the shops in the building.

There were plenty of activities at the event including some catered more for children, such as the Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and Santa's house. I also participated in the Mill Street World Caroling Challenge. All the particpants gathered together with the given LED candles and attempted to break the world record of 15,000 people singing at Distillery. Although, we weren't successful, nevertheless it was warm and a great deal of fun because singing Christmas carols in a group is one of my favourite things to do for Christmas.

{Local Christmas Lights Tour} 

Another thing I like to do during Christmas holiday is driving around town to watch how the houses decked out with lights and decorations. Some lighting games were hella strong. I took a trip to Pickering where two families try to outdazzle each other with their holiday decorations. But almost all the houses on the street were fully decorated as well. I guess the rest of the neighbours also felt pressured to have at least some kind of decorations up, at least I would if I live in that area. 

{1285 IIona Park Road, Pickering}

{1289 IIona Park Road, Pickering}

Just 10 minutes away from these houses, four families had also come together to wow the crowd by synchronizing their LED Christmas lights together with musics. People could tune in from their radios inside their cars. Boy, did they make my house look like crap. Still, these Pickering houses have become a popular local attraction during the Christmas holiday and it is definitely worth a look with the family. Of course, if Pickering is too far away, just driving around your own neighbourhood would also work. At least, then you won't feel too bad about your house afterwards. 

{Rigby lights - 1230-1236 Rigby Dr, Pickering}

More videos from the Rigby light show here and here.

{Christmas Dress-up}

Like all other occasions, I dress up for it, let alone for Christmas time! Here is how I rocked my ugly sweater at work one year as an inspiration.

{Christmas theme party}

There's always a lot of eating comes the holiday so why not throw a little Christmas food party to tie in with all the festivities? Previously, I've dressed up my gingerbread cookies and also did a Christmas cupcakes bouquet, which actually required a lot of work and time. This year, to simplify a bit, I made some strawberry Santas with the boyfriend. 

Christmas cannot go without having a big feast with the family. That night, our family had roasted lamb rack, french onion soup, green salad with pear and duck breast, lasagna cupcakes, scallopped potato casserole and bread pudding for dessert. 

That sort of summed up my joyous celebration for Christmas. 

Hope everyone had a bright and beautiful one! 
Ho Ho Ho~

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