(What's for Breakfast?} Toad in a Hole

February 28, 2014

Someone shared this egg breakfast recipe with me recently and I quickly fell in love with it after learning how good it tastes and how cute it looks (with a cute name too!). It is definitely something different for me, even though it's still the same egg and bread that I have every morning.

{Use a cookie cutter and cut out a shape}

Instead of sticking my bread into the oven, I pan-fried on a skillet with melted butter. Butter and toast is like a match made in heaven. I also found out that the toast is crispier after being pan-fried! And of course, the hole where the egg is fried into, suggests endless possibilities and creativity. All you need is a cookie cutter in a cute shape; star, heart, flower, bear, rabbit, ghost, you name it! Isn't this exciting?

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