A Korean Japanese Izakaya {Tsuki Izakaya}

March 08, 2014

{Tsuki Don $13 - California Don topped with assorted diced sashimi}
When it comes to Izakaya, I think of loud and lively Japanese pub-like restaurants, accompanying bite size, tapas-style portion food. Here at Tsuki Izakaya on Yonge, I'm surprised to learn that they are quieter than most Izakayas I've been to, like Guu and Fin. It's good to have a change of ambience as I find the bustling noises can be quite annoying if you just want to chat. Perhaps because it was on a Sunday, it wasn't busy at all. The portion of their food is larger than the other Izakayas and also slightly pricier in comparison. They have a pretty diverse menu, including both Japanese and Korean dishes, rice, sushi rolls, sashimis and grilled meat.

{Pork kimchi duruchigi $14 - Kimchi, Pork, Vegetable stir fried with hot sauce and garlic}

{Cheese Buldak $14 - Hot BBQ chicken with cheese}

{Cheese Buldak $14 -Hot BBQ chicken with cheese }

{Okonomi Yaki $9 - Okonomi Yaki topped with vegetable and katsuo}
Tsuki Don is definitely my favourite of the night which consists of fresh and delightful diced sashimis. Imagine California roll but instead of in a sushi form, it's in a bowl of rice. My second is the Cheese Buldak, very appetizing and zesty on the hot plate with lots of melting cheese. If you enjoy spicy food, this will be a great one to try. I find the food in Tsuki lives up to the standard, but lacks creativity in general. So, if you are looking for something inspiring, unfortunately you might not find it from the menu of Tsuki. However, their food is still well-cooked and full of flavourful, satisfying enough to go with a beer or two. Another good thing is, there's no lineup, which is always a plus.

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