{Bubble Soccer} Because Normal Soccer Is too boring

October 17, 2014

{Bubble Soccer} Because normal soccer is too boring

I consider myself as the adventurous type. Not only do I like to explore new cuisines, but I'm always down trying new activities and experiences (even though I might have no idea what they are). Lately, I tried Bubble Soccer.

You probably wonder what the heck is Bubble Soccer... Do you run around kicking the ball while blowing bubbles with a bottle of solution (that was actually my initial thought)? Nope! In fact, you are confined in a giant inflatable bubble with only your legs sticking out. Think of it as a bubble costume and you run around in it to kick a soccer ball.

{Bubble Soccer} Because normal soccer is too boring

It's not that common in Toronto yet, there's only few places that offer Bubble Soccer. So when there was an opportunity from work for social event ideas, I suggested it for a team bonding event (pun unintended). To my surprise, bubble soccer actually got most anticipation than the other suggestions such as, live band karaoke and axe throwing. Although, I haven't tried axe throwing yet but at least I see Bubble Soccer to be far more interesting to do as a group than just throwing axes together.

So, how do you play Bubble Soccer? There aren't any rules to playing it. Even though, I realized a lot of my colleagues were avid soccer players who actually decided to play some real soccer. We ended up dedicating a person to act as a referee to call out corner kicks, penalties and all that. Me, on the other hand, just wanted to experience what it'd be like in a confined bubble, bumping into my colleagues and rolling around freely on the field. Imagine Violet Beauregard from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

{Bubble Soccer} Because normal soccer is too boring

{Bubble Soccer} Because normal soccer is too boring

We booked 2 soccer fields at The Hangar, Downsview Park and rented the equipments from Toronto Bubble Soccer. The crew at Toronto Bubble Soccer then transported them to the location and inflated the bubbles for us. You could actually play anywhere that has an open field, even your backyard! The price of the rental was actually quite competitive, $30 per person with a minimum booking of 8 people.

The bubble itself was huge, there were shoulder straps and handles for you to grab on. The activity was actually exhausting than I had imagined. The bubble was surprisingly heavy. You're basically running around carrying a lot of weight with you. You could get sweaty because of little ventilation inside the bubble. You might even feel a little bit claustrophobic after awhile. But, if you don't mind all that, Bubble Soccer would be an excellent workout. My neck and shoulders were sore the next day (guess I don't work out that part of the muscles that often).

Watch a short clip of our action here.

{Bubble Soccer} Because normal soccer is too boring

So next time, if you feel that soccer is not exciting enough, perhaps Bubble Soccer will change your mind.

Life is too short, go have fun!

Have you tried Bubble Soccer? What do you think?

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