Trick or Cake Pops for Halloween?

October 08, 2014

Trick or Cake Pops for Halloween? 

Halloween is just a few weeks away! Besides dressing up for Halloween (see my DIY costumes here), I like to dress up my baked goods for this festivity too. And today, I'll show you simple ways to decorate cake pops for Halloween.

Simple Cake Pops Ideas for Halloween

Trick or Cake Pops for Halloween?

Ghostly Cake Pops

These ghostly cake pops are super easy to make! All you need to do is roll out a piece of white fondant (I like to make my own using marshmallows. They are tastier!) into a thin sheet. Cut out round shapes using a pizza cutter. Wrap each fondant sheet to the cake pop after you dip the cake pops into the candy melts. Then draw little faces using edible markers. They are so adorable and halloween-y.  I actually had a lot of fun making these.

Trick or Cake Pops for Halloween?

Peek-a-Boo Cake Pops 

If you're a fan of Super Mario Bros. then this little guy shouldn't be a stranger to you. I love Mr. Boo and its shape is perfect to translate into a cake pop! Simply dip cake pops into white candy melt for the body. Use white fondant to make its hands and glue it in place with candy melt. Dye white fondant with red food colouring for its mouth and tongue and finish off by drawing its eyes with black edible marker. 

Spider and Cobweb cake pops

Instead of using white candy melt, I used chocolate candy melts for the body. And dip pretzels into the candy melt for the spidey legs. Attach the legs with candy melts. Dye white fondant with green food colouring for its eyes. For the cobweb, I printed a picture of the web I found online with my printer. Then layer over a sheet of parchment paper on top. I put white candy melt into a piping bag and traced over the picture of the cobweb. Carefully lift it up once it's dried and attached to the lollipop stick with candy melt. 

Bat Cake Pops

I made the bat wings with brown dyed fondant and cut out the shape using a pair of scissors. Use edible marker to draw a mouth and dot on the fondant eyes. And fangs with white fondant.

Mummified Cake Pops

This cake pop involves more work than others, only because you'd need to cut out strands of white fondant and attach them piece by piece on the cake pop before the candy melt coating dries up. Fill in a part of the white fondant with black edible marker and attach green fondant as eyes.

I hope you like these simple cake pop ideas! Check out my other cake pop ideas here. Which one do you like the most?

Happy trick or treating!


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