Kitchen Reno Diary 1 {Where it all began}

March 06, 2016

Has the love affair with your home hit a roadblock? We sure have with our kitchen! So, our family finally pulled the trigger to update our dysfunctional kitchen. My brother and I have waited for this day for so long. We hate the layout, the lack of counter space, the awful lighting and the shabby handles that are about to fall apart! After watching almost every episodes of our favourite TV show, To Love it or List it, my parents realized the value of improving our kitchen space. Not to mention that there are water damage problems and issues from soaked hardwood floors already.

Our house is more than 30 years old and so the layout is not as open as the new built modern homes. There are walls dividing each room blocking natural light, making the space feel enclosed. The kitchen is in the middle of the house, sandwiched between the family room and the dining room. It is also in an irregular shape which limits where you can put your appliances. There's a giant wall with fake cabinets that acts as a divider between the family room and kitchen. Not really the open concept that I love to have. I groan whenever I see our fake melamine cabinets in our kitchen; they are also not very space efficient. On the other side of the fake cabinets is actually where we put our TV, and it restricts the size of the TV due to the space allocated in the design.

Without further ado, let me show you how our current kitchen looks like.
{View from the hallway, it is a irregular shaped kitchen}

{urg...look at that awful incandescent ceiling light}
{limited counter space with cabinet doors falling apart}
{View from the breakfast area}
{This is the wall divider that I was talking about...all 6 of the cabinets to the right of the oven are fake}

And here is our family room space that is on the other side of the wall divider.

{The wall divider acts as a "media unit" for our family room which also restricts the size of our TV}

To give you a better idea of how our layout looks like, here is a floor plan of our house:

{We don't have a bar with wine rack as stated in the floor plan, I guess the first owner of this house decided that they wanted a fake wall cabinets instead...}

We can tell that it is going to be challenging to find an optimal layout that works for our family.

Will we fall in love with our house again? Stay tuned for next post in this series as I share our inspiration board and progress of our kitchen!

{Kitchen Reno Diary} 

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