Travel to Europe {Ephesus, Turkey}

June 25, 2016

On the 6th day of  #HosGoGlobal 10-day journey to Europe with my family, we arrived to Kusadasi, Turkey. It was said to be one of the most attractive cities on the Aegean Sea and one of the country's main holiday destinations. The town, which was formerly a small fishing village and a religious centre of early Christianity has grown into a large community dedicated to tourism. And one of the most popular attractions was the Ephesus ruins.

{Ancient Ephesus}

We joined a guided tour to explore the Ancient city of Ephesus and it was an eye-opening tour to learn about its time and history. Ephesus is one of those places where it would be difficult to describe in words and pictures would not even do its justice. You'd have to be physically there in order to appreciate the beauty of these Aegean architecture.

Ephesus, Turkey - Celebrity Cruise Vacation
{Celsus Library }
Ephesus, Turkey - Celebrity Cruise Vacation
{At a Gladiator kind of theatre}
Ephesus, Turkey - Celebrity Cruise Vacation

Ephesus, Turkey - Celebrity Cruise Vacation

Ephesus, Turkey - Celebrity Cruise Vacation
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Stay tuned for my next post on Kusadasi, Turkey!

 {#HosGoGlobal to Europe}

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