Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

April 08, 2017

Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

I’m a sucker for succulents and there’s a reason why.

Ever since I've become a home owner, I've been looking for ways to add personality to my home. For example, check out my DIY cute house number. I have a vision of how I want my home to look like; bright and lively but at the same time, relaxing. And that's why I want to add some greenery to my home. But, I must confess that I'm careless for plants in general. I have a bad record of killing my mom's houseplants every time she goes on vacation. So, when it's my turn to look for a houseplant, I want to make sure it is very low maintenance and doesn’t require too much attention. I just need it to look pretty basically. Lol!

If you’re like me, succulent is a great choice. Here are some tips I want to share about this cute little plant.

Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

Tips on plant plotting succulents

1. Pick your pot first

Before buying the succulents, I decided on my pot first. I think this is a very important step to start. Your pot will determine how many succulents you'll need to fill, the size of each plant, and how much decorations you could add in.

I met the owner from a local succulent specialty shop, Plant It Succulent and she was able to recommend me all the different succulent types because I had a pot to work with. I happened to find a white rectangular ceramic pot at home so I decided to layout my succulents in a row. If I haven't decided on the pot, I wouldn't know what to buy at all. And the best pots for succulents are the ones with holes at the bottom for drainage.

Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

2. Mix and match different types in various sizes and shapes

Succulents look best together with assorted shapes and sizes. They look more interesting and add dynamics. Because my plan is to lay my succulents in a row, I want each one to complement with one another in terms of colour, height and shapes. It took me sometime to figure out which type and in which order I should put the succulents in my pot. But I really enjoyed the process of mixing and matching the different types until I finally get it to look "right".

3. Pick the right soil

Best soil for succulents is a type that is well-draining. It’s usually mixed with crushed granite or pine bark fines. You could also make your own.

Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

4. Plant enough soil to let succulents sit tall

I made a mistake when I placed all my succulents into the pot first before I layered the bottom with soil. So then when I filled it with soil afterwards, I realized the succulents sit way too short in the pot. To fix it, I had to remove all the soil and revert back to square one. For the second time, I layered the bottom with some soil and I measured how tall I wanted my succulents to be. I filled more soil underneath until I got the succulents to sit at a height that I wanted.

Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY} 
Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

5. Decorate with rocks to help keep soil in

Before I look into succulents, I always thought that those decorative rocks I see on planted succulents are for aesthetics. In fact, by layering rocks on top of the soil, it helps keep soil in place when you water the succulents. I layered mine with white decorative rocks and I just loved how neat they look with them on!

6. Tweezers are your friend

After layering my succulents in the pot, it was hard to get around the leaves and underneath them to layer the rocks. I poured mine on top to cover the majority of the real estate first, then I used a pair of tweezers to place in between the leaves and to fill in the gaps.

Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

Even though, succulents are low maintenance in comparison to other houseplants but they still require a degree of love and care. 

Tips for taking care of succulents:

  • Water every 1-2 weeks or until soil becomes dry. 
  • Water frequently during summer time and less frequent in winter. 
  • Do not use spray bottle when watering. It is ideal to make sure soil is soaked completely.
Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

And most of all, have fun decorating!

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Plant plotting succulents {Home Decor DIY}

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