5 Layers of Cheesy Goodness {Guschlbauer Austrian Cheese Buns}

September 09, 2017

I was so excited to know that Guschlbauer opened their first North American location here in Toronto! I missed the chance to try these Austrian quarter cheese buns when I was in Hong Kong. So, I couldn't miss this opportunity during their soft opening with a 20% off promotion. Their cute little shop is conveniently located on Yonge and Bloor and is hard to miss with their bright yellow signage. Currently, they offer the original, chocolate, strawberry and mango flavour for their cheese buns, fresh fruit slush and a few flavours for cream puffs.

As I was deciding what to order at the counter, I could see their chef filling each quarter bun with loads of cream cheese in front of me. That tells me they really don't skim out on their fillings in their buns. And seeing all the fresh mangoes on 'display', I just had to try out their mango cheese bun. To my expectation, it was filled with creamy mango flavoured cream cheese and mango chunks. The taste wasn't overly sweet which I especially like. The bun was also soft and spongy and actually not hard and dry like I thought it was. I also enjoy the fact that I could eat these cheese buns 2 ways. I could either reheat them in the microwave for 10 seconds to have an oozing lava effect or refrigerate them for a bit to get an ice cream cake kind of result.

The staff took some time to explain to me the origin of their recipe and that they were still trying to fine tune their products and services before they officially launch.I appreciated their sincerity and commitment on their new business and as a start up, I think they deserve a lot of encouragement to be able to survive in such a competitive Toronto market. And for this reason, I gave them a 5-star. I hope to see them perfect their cheese buns and I'd be willing to come back and try out other flavours and their cream puffs.

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