Things to Know About Portable Air Conditioner

February 24, 2019

One of the great benefits of a portable air conditioner is its great efficiency in operation, particularly when compared to its larger permanent-installation cousins. As long as you match the size of the unit to the size of the area you need to cool, you should have no issues with efficiency.

Bear in mind though, that in order for the unit to work properly, it will have to be set up in such a way that it vents hot air to the outside. The process will inevitably give rise to an amount of condensate, which will need to be drained regularly, relative to the size of the holding tank.

The convenience of portability

When you want to buy something portable, size inevitably becomes a factor. Too large, and movement becomes cumbersome. Too small, and you might be compromising on power output. Lifting a unit that is too heavy can also put you at risk of injuring yourself. Of course, if the unit you like is large, you could find some relief in buying a model with wheels or carry handles!

Installation is a cinch!

The beauty of portable air conditioners is that they do not require any permanent form of installation, making them much easier to get to the point of being up and running. You will not need a professional to help you install it either and following just a few basic instructions will have you enjoying fresh, cool air before you know it.

Operational features

Look for a model with extra safety features, like tip-over protection and overheat protection. Not only do these features help to mitigate the risk of fire, they also tend to mean that more detailed work went into the production of the unit and that you might be able to expect a longer lifespan on account of this.

Another great feature is a quiet operation, which is a great help if you are not a deep sleeper, but still need the benefits of an AC unit. This is often an adjustable setting, so see if you can find a model with a quiet setting as an option.

How to take care of your AC unit

As with any electrical appliance, a bit of regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping things running smoothly. Prevent your AC motor from clogging and overheating by regularly checking your exposure to dust and dirt – if this is unavoidable, make sure you clean the filter out often and replace it twice a year.

Do not neglect the rear vents in your maintenance routine – a quick run-over with the vacuum cleaners brush attachment can go a long way in keeping things running as they should. Cleaning the unit’s exterior regularly will keep it free from scuffs and dirt, making the finish look newer for longer. When you go through your cleaning routine, use the time to check that the hoses are not kinked or bent, for optimal performance and ensuring that all processed air can be efficiently vented.

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