How To Create New Things With The Patchwork Fabric In Quilting Process

May 27, 2019

Hi everyone! I have a new DIY post to share with you today. Alyssa from My Aussie Hub is here as a guest to explain the fascinating side of the quilting process. In this post, she shares the different types and forms of patchwork fabric used in quilting. Sounds like another fun project to learn! Without further ado, I'll hand it over to Alyssa.


Patchwork is a kind of sewing process where different quilt fabrics are sewed together to form a larger design. Different geometrical shapes are used with various color bands to give the piece a magnificent look. This patchwork fabric is sewed using the quilting process.

Structures Used In Patchwork Fabric Quilting: 

Blocks: Patchwork blocks are pierced squares which are used to make patterns or motifs. These patchwork blocks are then joined together to form the bigger and larger composition. names of some of the block patterns used are:
  1. Log cabin
  2. Bear’s paw
  3. Nine patch
  4. Drunkard’s path
  5. Tulip
Strip piecing: This kind of patterns involve long strips of fabric which are quilted together lengthwise which leads to forming the larger composition. This kind of patchwork structure uses four patch patterns for quilting.

Precuts and jelly rolls: These kinds of structures use different kinds of geometrical shapes and each structure should be used only specifies numbers of times.

Types Of Patchwork Fabrics Used:

  1. Cotton chintz: This is the fabric which is used when working with bright colors. These basically involved floral patterns with a light plan colored background. These are daily used in drapers, curtains, and bedcovers.
  2. Cotton lawn: This fabric is not fully linen, but an element of this fabric is linen. It has a smooth surface. It is used for handkerchiefs, dresses, blouses, curtains, and aprons.
  3. Silky voiles: It is a delicate, washable, light weight and smooth fabric for patchwork. These are generally found in woolen clothes and long dresses with some floral designs on it. The creative ones use this in curtains, skirts, blouses and sometimes even in scarves.
  4. Linen: This is the modern fabric for quilters nowadays. It is the most comfortable fabrics used during summers. It feels like cotton when touched. It is durable and gives a luxurious look. These are used in summer wears, blazers, t-shirts and slacks.
  5. Silk: There are different types of silks available that one can use as patchwork fabric. Some of these are mentioned below-
    • Silk charmeuse
    • Silk creep
    • Silk satin
    • Silk chiffon
    • Silk organza
    These gives royal look to the clothes and are generally used in sarees and gowns.

  6. Batiks: These kinds of fabrics have higher thread counts. These shrink less when dyed or washed. These fabrics are used in clothing, drapes, and scarves mostly.

Some Other Patchwork Fabric Used Are:

  •  Free spirit fabric
  •  Anthology fabrics
  •  Hoffman fabrics
  •  Riley Blake fabrics
  •  Timeless treasures

Patchwork Fabric Quilting Forms:

There are numerous forms or patterns which can be used in patchwork quilting. These are basically done in drapers or curtains but are famous for the appearance after finishing the quilting process. Some of the famous patchwork patterns are-
  • Stained glass windows patchwork (resembles stained glass windows found in many of gothic churches)
  • Seminole patchwork (north American women discovered this kind of patterns)
  • Closely related patchwork (paper pieces of the unused clothes where used for patchwork)
  • Cathedral patchwork (it resembles the cathedral window patterns)
  • Hawaiian patchwork (it consists of quilting of the Hawaiian islands on the fabrics)
  • English paper patchwork (use of paper templates sewed from hand for patchwork)
  • Scrap patchwork (use of different patchwork structures in quilting)
Thus, a variety of patchwork fabric and patterns are available and can be learned to gain knowledge in designing. Creativity is the key for quilting and patchwork needs creativity. Thus, proper patchwork quilting line has to be chosen for better learning.

I enjoy making quilts. It's my joy to share quilting tips & tricks, patterns and ideas. I hope you enjoy the read.

This post is contributed by: Alyssa Moylan
Alyssa Moylan is an ordinary woman from Australia, a writer by day and a reader by night. She writes on various topics like home improvement, business, lifestyle, health, travel and fashion. She likes to think of ways on how to solve daily life problems of people. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated.

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  1. My six year old is super excited about this! She has recently started learning about quilting. Do you have any tips for kids?

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  3. Thanks for the helpful guide on patchwork. I've never quilted before but if I were to begin, this would be a helpful guide!

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  17. Nostalgia! our granny used to make some amazing patchwork quilts and dresses



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