How to Find Your Personal Style and the Importance of it

February 03, 2020

How to Find Your Personal Style

As people, we are bombarded with messages about how we should look and what we should wear. We are surrounded by the opinions of others, be they fashion gurus, celebrity trend-setters, or even our families and friends. And some of us pay attention to the messages we are given and dress ourselves up accordingly.

Yet here's the thing. When we are blindsided by the guidance of others, we can lose sight of our own identities. By falling prey to their 'wisdom,' we can be held back from finding our own personal style.

So, our message to you in this article is this one: Never underestimate the importance of finding your personal style. When browsing the fashion articles, and when shopping at your favourite boutique, pay attention to what you like, and not what other people might impose upon you.

By finding your own personal style, you will…

Positively affect the way you see your body

By finding those styles that will flatter the way your body looks, you will instantly feel better about yourself. It might be a skirt that allows you to embrace your curves or a colourful scarf that matches perfectly with the shade of your eyes. These are the style choices that will suit your body type and that will complement your natural assets. And these are the style choices that will raise your self-esteem every time you take them from your wardrobe.

Express your personality

Your personality is special and unique to you, so don't hide it away with ill-suiting fashion choices. If you're bubbly and gregarious, it would be a shame to hide your identity with plain and old-fashioned clothes. And if you're calm and serene, you won't feel comfortable if you wear something that is over-extravagant. By finding your own personal style, you will let people know more about who you are, and you will have that sense of freedom to be yourself. So, be it the latest in hippie clothes, something sexy and provocative, or fashion based around vintage styles, choose those outfits that match who you are, and not who other people think you should be.

Feel good about yourself

You won't feel good about yourself if you wear clothes that don't express who you are. You won't feel good about yourself if your outfit choices damage your self-confidence. And you won't feel good about yourself if you make little effort to dress yourself up occasionally. Finding your own personal style is about giving yourself self-love and respect. By wearing the clothes that both suit your body and your tastes, you will feel more comfortable when you are around others. By making an effort to wear clothes that flatter your body and suit your personality, you will have more confidence in social situations. And by controlling what you wear, you will be able to control how you feel about yourself. So, make an effort to find your personal style as, in terms of your mindset, you will start to spiral up instead of spiral down.

So, heed not what others think. Don't be afraid of being different. Choose your personal style, as you will start to feel the benefits that we mentioned if you do.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I needed to read this. I've been having a hard time finding my personal style as my life has changed and I'm getting older.

  2. This was a great article, and I feel so many people should read it, and know how important finding your own style is and the impact it can have.

  3. I have always had a hard time finding my personal style. My body shape has always been different from the ones around me. It's more like I have never had a shape. As I get older, it just gets harder to feel confident in the things that I wear. Just last year though I started wearing things that I never thought I should wear in the past, and you know what? I don't care what others think of it like I used to.

  4. This is SO true!!! I love my style - and if anyone else doesn't that's on them! lol

  5. I don't think I have a personal style. I do like comfy clothes and most of the time you won't see me wearing anything else but trainers. But other times I do like elegant dresses.

  6. I'm like Joanna above... I really don't have any idea of a personal style. I really should spend more time figuring this out.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. It was very informative.

  8. Such a great point! Our style is an extension of our personality - it has to be cultivated by inner expression, not outer validation!

  9. Express your personality is one great way to show your personal style and it helps you to make feel comfortable.

  10. My personal style right now is a bit baggy and flowly. I love weird shapes and clothing that flows. I love my skirt pants right now as it feels like I am wearing a dress.

  11. I have always been drawn to the more "goth" aesthetics. I unfortunately have not been able to dress the way I want to for a while now though, because I've felt like I was too big or getting too old to do it. I was just discussing the other day how Once I lose a bit of weight though I'm going back to the way I like to dress. I don't care what anyone thinks anymore... I like it and that's all that matters.

  12. I absolutely agree. The culture that I was raised in makes me feel guilty for wanting to look nice, but I think it’s so good to have a personal style!

  13. I think the key is wearing something that represents your personality, and don't be afraid of what other people think! Personally I love hippie and boho clothing, and some basic spiritual jewellery is also very nice


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