Best Peel Treatments to Improve Your Skin

May 15, 2020

Peel Treatments to Improve Your Skin

When seeking out treatments to improve your skin condition, there are far less invasive procedures that are as equally effective as others. Namely masks, and skin peels. Masks are essential for the face and are merely washed off after the application. However, there are some face masks that can be peeled-away after applying. Today, I want to discuss ways to improve your skin from face to feet using peels.

As one of the oldest of skincare techniques outside of daily washing and moisturizing, skin peels, however, can also be applied to the full body and then stripped away; removing excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Though the process is simple and straight-forward, there are different types of peels to choose from. In the effort to get a better understanding of what's available, let's pay a visit to various skin peels and their benefits.


Peel treatments using wax is probably the most relaxing of peels. There is the soothing warm wax, the sticky honey wax glow, and the for sensitive skin, the all-natural beeswax treatment. Whichever wax of your choosing, the process yields results that most will agree have proven to be reliable. Resulting in a new layer of skin so soft and clean, it makes you feel like you've taken years away from your actual age.


Over time, dead skin, dirt and excess oils will combine with aging hormones and create an adverse reaction in your skin. Not to mention, harsh outside elements that are microscopic and therefore, unavoidable. These factors battle it out with our skin daily, and it doesn't get any easier with age. Therefore, depending on how much care you put into your skin, some types are so far damaged, that they would require a deeper cleansing process calling for a chemical peel.

There may be some over-the-counter manufacturers of chemical peels, but for the best outcome, I advise having it administered by professionals at a clinic. The components of chemical peels are proprietary and dependent upon the manufacturer of course, but most products involve some sort of salicylic acid, peroxides or other abrasive chemicals in order to break down those years of caked-in elements clogging your pores. If you've had a long history of blackheads, blotches, eczema, or rashes that have left there mark on your skin, this method would an ideal solution for you.


The latest in skin peel treatments, the Jetpeel facial treatments can be best described by likening it to a power washer. You know, the machine used to clean sidewalks and buildings. It is the exact same technique but on a much smaller scale. An air and liquid mixture is in a pressurized-spray; directly onto the skin, safely removing layers until reaching a level that exposes fresh, untapped skin.

Each of these processes is safe and proven to be highly effective. However, they require regular application in order to maintain that baby-soft, fresh-looking skin appearance. As a warning, be prepared to budget for either a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly expense for your treatments. Otherwise, consider it to be a worthwhile investment to keep you looking like the best version of yourself. Still, I recommend trying it at least once, just to pamper yourself. Why not? You deserve it!

Be sure to come back and let us know which peel you decided on, and what your personal experience was like. Here's to wishing you healthy-looking skin every day of the week!

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  1. OHHH I love anything to do with facial treatments but I've never done any of these before! I am going to have to check them out - the chemical peel does scare me a little bit thought LOL

  2. Waxing is what I have been doing for ages now and it's been working great for me. Thanks, this is an awesome post.

  3. Peel treatments can definitely be effective when it comes to improving your skin and removing blemishes as long as you're going to a reputable clinic. Thanks for this helpful article!

  4. I know so little about skincare, so this is very helpful. I should really try some peel treatments soon, thanks for these tips.

  5. Elizabeth OJune 28, 2020

    This is so helpful. Peeling treatments helps to exfoliate our skin from drying.

  6. I hardly use peeling treatment on my skin, but these treatments looks good enough for me try again.

  7. I am due for a face mask and I have all the time now that I am at home. Thanks for this I am reminded.

  8. I have been using day and night cream since I was about 30 but mostly because my skin wasn't soft - I am glad I took care of my skin now that I am in my 50's :)

  9. Wax peels are my favorite. My skin is so smooth afterwards.

  10. I love facial treatment and gives me more relaxation! Oh I think I am due to have one :D

  11. I don't have any idea about the jet peel and the chemicalpeel , but wax is surely a great great option.

  12. I usually do waxing for peeling treatment but I heard chemical is also good. I'm just afraid to try it.

  13. Wax peels are amazing. Such a smooth skin after.


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