How To Get Your Small Business Back On Track Post-COVID

June 04, 2020

How to get your small business back on track post covid

Small businesses have taken a series of brutal hits during the pandemic, but it is finally time to start bouncing back. With signs of the Delta variant finally starting to level off in the US, here are a few ways to get back in business.

Learn From The Past Year

Look at your small business’ performance from the past eighteen months. Go through your sales performance and customer data to identify what has worked well. Be honest about what mistakes you made and look for ways you can improve in future. Look for ways to cut elements of your business that are no longer performing. Remember that we are not through the pandemic yet and we may face similar challenges again.

Get Your Website Working For You

Go through your website with a fine-tooth comb and look for areas of improvement. Update your blog posts with SEO-driven content that showcases your expertise. Read about the latest Google updates and look for ways that you can take advantage of them. Factor user experience into your updates. Add a customer service AI bot to your homepage to keep customers on your site for longer.

Be Smart About Hiring New Employees

Create ideal employee profiles for the specific needs that you have. Identify areas where you will need help in future, such as digital marketing. Anticipate seasonal requirements and plan for short-term needs. Talk to an immigration lawyer if you need to sponsor immigrant workers on a short-term basis. Ask them when the best time to apply for a work visa is, and find out about how the H2B visa lottery works if you are looking to sponsor an employee for a short-term non-agricultural contract.

Use Social Media

Spend more time working on your social media presence. Create a profile that reflects your business identity, personality, and ethos. Update your social media channels regularly and avoid spamming links or posting too many updates that don’t engage. Look at what your competitors are doing. Think about what you can offer that they don’t. Find out which channels your target audience use and stop spending time on channels they don’t. Ask questions that will drive responses and allow you to demonstrate your expertise and interest. Reply to questions or complaints as soon as they arise to avoid public disputes.

Spend WiselyTalk to a financial advisor to get a clear picture of how much you can risk spending in the months ahead. Take advantage of ongoing government support. Avoid taking out loans if you can and be sure that you can afford the repayment schedule if you need to. Cut costs for services and items that are not contributing to your progress right now, such as office costs or non-digital campaigns.

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