Gold Foiling on Season’s Greeting Cards

December 16, 2020

Gold Foiling on Season's Greeting Cards

Gold foiling has been popular lately and many of you asked me to make a tutorial on how to use the tool, so today I will explain the step by step process of how to use it and the tips and tricks for it. I will show you how this works on paper in this tutorial but it also works on many other surfaces such as leather, ribbons, and wood. 



Step 1

Always begin with your design on paper. Since Christmas is around the corner, I picked Christmas wreath as my design.

Gold Foiling on Season's Greeting Cards

Step 2

Once you are comfortable with the design you can start drawing on the greeting cards. I used 0.5 Micro Gel Ball pen for the outline on the cardstock.

Gold Foiling on Season's Greeting Cards

Step 3

Since I only want to highlight a few leaves, to achieve this result place a tracing paper on top and trace the leaves you want to do foiling on it.

Gold Foiling on Season's Greeting Cards

Step 4

Plug in the Foil Quill Pen, it takes around 5 minutes to heat up. While waiting for the pen to heat up you can place the foil paper in between the card and tracing paper. Add tape to secure the placement when necessary.

**Remember you need to purchase HEAT ACTIVATED FOIL SHEET specially. A regular foil sheet will not transfer the foil onto another surface.

Gold Foiling on Season's Greeting Cards

Step 5

Trace the leaves and remove the tape with care once you are done. There you have your foil piece. 


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This post is contributed by: Margaret Wong

Margaret is the creator behind Sincerely.Bo, a Toronto based boutique design studio specializing in custom lettering and calligraphy. She provides calligraphy and hand engraving services for events, brands and workshops. Calligraphy is a very therapeutic form of art especially in this busy world. She is excited to inspire you to the many possibilities of applying calligraphy to things around us.

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