7 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Winter

January 04, 2021

The most anticipated and jolliest time of the year is just around the corner, and most of us can't wait to get the décor out and splash out the holiday joy. Just as you would ravish your Christmas tree with glorious ornaments, so does your home deserve a proper makeover. Even if you are not utterly into the holiday spirit, there are still a few rather nifty and sensations ways to upscale the look of your home for the winter and at the same time maintain the chic and classy look. If you are wondering what hack to implement first, here are some practical and gorgeous ways to decorate your home for the upcoming chilling months.

1. Embrace white hues

Unlike the glittering red and green wintry colours, white symbolizes simplicity and grace. This pure hue is an ideal sight for sore and tiring eyes, especially when it gets dark outside early during winter. Hence, place white vases or candles on the coffee table, replace the colourful picture frames with white ones, or cover your sofa and chair with a cozy white bed covering. A simple yet loving white winter detail that will exude winter in your home.

2. Decorate the walls

A traditional manner would mean hanging luscious green garland with red berries, but nowadays you can hang various delights to invite the wintry vibe. For instance, hanging handcrafted animal skull above your fireplace invigorates a nature-inspired wintry feel. If you need more inspirations you can look here to discover various hand-crafted delights that can adapt to any household. Other options include hanging a large rounded mirror above the fireplace.

3. Go for plush fabrics

Nothing is cozier than soft and plush décor. As winter tends to be long and cold, give your home a proper rejuvenation by embellishing it with plush and warm fabrics. Add faux fur throw and blankets, get a shabby rug to add warmth and texture for the underfoot, or just replace the cushions with luscious velvet materials. This will instantly create warmth in your home, both physically and visually.

4. Do a quick switch up

Sometimes the simplest idea makes a flabbergasting difference. If you want to get an instant wintry transformation, try switching up the accessories or replacing the furniture. Update your bookcase by placing natural and fresh items like a snake plant but in a glowingly red pot. Another useful idea is to re-order the furniture around the room and maybe bring in a vintage ornament like your grandma's old-fashioned clock or do something unique like decorating your Christmas tree with DIY letter garland.

5. Window comfort

Don't neglect a window treatment, as it is a pivotal point of the entire home. Windows also deserve a proper winter makeover, and one of the best ways to shape them up is to add volume with glamorous thick draperies. Not only will you keep the chilly winter drafts and winds away, but you will create a splendid indoor atmosphere. Aim to get contrasting colours. If your ambient and décor are white, then go for colourful and patterned draperies.

6. Add rustic lighting accents

As natural sunlight tends to fade away rather sooner, the reason more to add more warm lighting features indoors. There are numerous lush and elegant ways to decorate your home with lighting settings without making it look too splashy. Get a candle holder with rustic metal accents, place vintage copper lamps or ornaments or hang nice string lights with golden rope.

7. Place greenies

Freshen up your ambient by placing wonderful indoor plants that will surely alter your interior. Most blooms help bring out the winter feel especially when it's cold outside. On the mantel, you can place a beautiful English Ivy or low-maintenance Aloe Vera. Keep the frosty vibe by placing the plants into winter-themed glass pots.

Get a major home update this winter by following the above-mentioned tips and you will undoubtedly revamp your home into a winter wonderland.

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