6 Deep-Cleaning Tips for Your Home - Refresh and Renew the Space

February 07, 2021

Keeping your home clean and tidy is typically an on-going job. Every time you clean one room, it’s time to move on to the next as it plays out in a never-ending cycle. But how many times have you cleaned your house only to find it doesn’t look that fresh or renewed and that in all reality it probably needs a deep cleaning. Thankfully a deep clean isn’t something your home needs daily, but it should still be done on the regular.

So, let’s go over six deep cleaning tips that will provide you with the maximum results and have your home feeling and looking fresh and renewed.

Give Kitchen Appliances a Good Washing and Scrub

Your kitchen appliances tend to be the most-used appliances in the entire house. Often they are being used multiple times a day, which means dirt, grime, food, and spills will occur. It’s for this reason you should get into the habit of giving them a deep cleaning every few months.

Be sure to read the cleaning instructions for your oven, so as to do it properly. When it comes to the refrigerator, you’ll need to empty the contents – one shelf at a time – so you can scrub the shelves themselves and the sides of the fridge. As for the dishwasher, allowing it to run on a cycle with no dishes in it and instead, using vinegar as a cleaning agent will deliver excellent results.

Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning Produces “Like New” Results

Vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis certainly helps to keep them clean, but this isn’t going to help where deep cleaning is concerned. Dust, dirt, animal dander, and hair can all work their way deep into the carpet. Not only that but messes, spills, and stains can happen and spot cleaning doesn’t always do the trick. This is why professional carpet cleaning is such an excellent option.

When it comes to the best carpet cleaning services that offer professional results, Marks Carpet Cleaning, a Middleton carpet cleaning service, is a fabulous option. Its experts specialize in all types of carpets including oriental rug cleaning – which can be very delicate and requires experience and the right tools. Consider it a spa treatment for your carpet, as they will look fresh and new, and smell fabulous after the cleaning.

Wash Cloth Curtains If Safe to Do So

Another deep cleaning tip is to take down any cloth curtains in your house and wash them in the washing machine. Keep in mind that not all cloth curtains can be washed, so be sure to read the care and cleaning instructions first. This is a great way to get rid of dust that builds on curtains and helps to keep them fresh looking.

Grout in the Bathroom Tends to Get Really Grimy

Here's a spot that no-one loves to clean but the reality is that it can get really grimy and dirty if you don't keep up with it. Bathroom grout tends to be the first place that dirt starts to build. It’s clearly visible and makes lighter coloured grout look grey or even black. Simply spraying it with the typical tile cleaner and a quick pass with a paper towel won't do anything. Instead, it's going to require some elbow grease.

You can actually make your own high-effective grout cleaner using water, baking soda, and vinegar. You can put your cleaning solution in a spray bottle so you can direct it to the areas of concern. After spraying the grout use a bristled brush - even a toothbrush will work - and start scrubbing. If that doesn't get it clean, you can mix up a little baking soda in water so that you create a thick paste and then use the brush to scrub it on.

When you're finished cleaning be sure to give the entire tile and grout a good rinse with warm water.

Move the Furniture to Ensure a Good Cleaning

Then there is vacuuming, which on its own is fine but what about all those areas the vacuum typically doesn't reach? Furniture allows dust and dirt to become trapped and without moving things out of the way, it’s just going to continue to build.

A deep cleaning tip is to move all the furniture to the center of the room if possible so that you can properly vacuum. This also allows you to vacuum the baseboards, which are known for collecting dust.

Wash All the Bedding - Not Just the Sheets

This is also a great time to strip your bed of all bedding - this means the comforter, duvet, throw pillow covers, and throw blankets. All of these should be washed to ensure dust mites aren't building up. It will also get rid of any odours or stains that are lingering.

A Cleaning Job You Can Feel Happy With

By following these tips, you’ll be giving your house an excellent and thorough deep cleaning.

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