How To Cut Down On Your Electricity Bills This Spring

February 10, 2021

At the end of every month, we all hold our breath as we wait for the bills to come in. Water, gas, the streaming services we all subscribed to during lockdown, not to mention rent and taxes, and of course: electricity. These costs all add up, and at a time when we are looking to tighten our belts and save those pennies, we should all be making the extra effort to cut those bills down. Now, we are all spending a lot more time indoors than we usually would, and when we are both working and relaxing at home, it can be hard to see how we can start to cut down on our electricity usage. However, with a bit more care and a little patience, we can see some savings.

Make Sure The Appliances Are Properly Switched Off

We know that nobody is perfect, and in the past we have all been guilty of simply closing our laptop, hitting standby on the television, or simply forgetting we left the speakers on. We all know that these actions have an impact on the lifespan of our machines, but they also have a big part to play in those hefty electricity bills. Yes, even when your appliances are in standby they are continuing to use electricity, with televisions and multi-room speakers named as the biggest culprits. So, if you’re not actively using these machines, make sure they are properly switched off either at the back or at the wall.

Switch To A More Energy-Efficient Lighting

We all know the rule that you should turn the lights off when you’re leaving a room. However, there are savings to be made even when you’ve got all the lights on in the evening. You may not realise, but LED light bulbs only lose 10-20% of their energy as waste heat, as opposed to traditional bulbs which can lose 80%. They also have a longer lifetime, so you’ll be cutting down on buying new ones too! LED light bulbs can be used for outdoor lighting, spot-lights and even bedside lights and lamps. So, the next time you’re looking to buy E27 bulbs, make the switch to LED and start saving. You can read more about why it’s time to switch and browse a wide range of bulbs and fittings at Any-Lamp.

Find Other Ways To Dry Your Clothes

We get it, at this time of year when you come home completely drenched and freezing cold, you want to just throw your clothes in the dryer and get them nice and toasty as quickly as possible. But if you’re looking to cut down on how much electricity you’re using, then you are going to want to stop that impulse dead in its tracks. Laundry dryers are always found on the lists of electricity-guzzling home appliances, and if you have a well-ventilated home, you should always consider drying your clothes on a rack if possible. Remember: if you have to use a dryer, be sure to do one full load rather than several small ones.

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