Cute Ways To Improve Your Small Kitchen

February 16, 2021

Having a small kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cook in a cramped, crowded space that’s uncomfortable.

With the right design and layout, you can enhance your small space and turn it into a home cook’s paradise. As cooking from home is on the rise owing to the pandemic, there has never been a better time than now to enhance your kitchen.

There are plenty of cute ways that you can turn a dull and drab room into something you can be proud to show off to your friends and family.

Here are some practical tips to help you make the most out of your small kitchen and transform it from a purely functional room into your dream cooking space.

Consider The Colour Scheme

It’s surprising how easily small factors, such as the colour of your walls, can change the way you view a room in your home. Darker walls can make your small kitchen look more cramped than it actually is, while lighter colours could make your room feel more spacious and airy. If you’re a big fan of dark colours and are eager to incorporate them into your kitchen design, then try using a darker signature wall. You can surround this darker signature section with lighter colours to give the illusion that your kitchen is lighter and brighter than it would be if it were painted entirely in dark colours.

Get Inventive With Your Kitchen Storage

One of the toughest challenges that small kitchen owners face is where to put everything. If you own a lot of pots, pans and bulky appliances, then it might seem impossible to store them all out of sight and make your kitchen appear roomier. That’swhy you should get creative with your kitchen storage solutions. There are plenty of innovative storage ideas for small kitchens out there, so you can find one that suits your space.


Clear Out Your Old Junk

When you start incorporating your creative storage solutions into your small kitchen, you should consider throwing out any old appliances, tools or ingredients that you don’t use regularly. If you bought an old appliance and haven’t used it in years, or you have old spices that you’re keeping ‘just in case’, then you should consider getting rid of them. Old food and ingredients can be thrown away or, if they’re still in date, but you won’t use them, you could donate them to a food charity. Old appliances and tools you could sell online, or you could donate them to a charity to sell.


Use A Glossy Finish

It’s a renowned fact that mirrors can make a small room look bigger, so consider incorporating mirros into the design of your kitchen. Not only will they make the room look larger, but they will also be handy if you need to touch up your hair or visage before a date night or a celebration and don’t have time to abandon your cooking! As well as mirrors, you could also consider using a glossy finish on your kitchen counters, cabinets and appliances to subtly make your kitchen look more spacious and bright. Matte finishes might be fashionable, but their dull surface can make your small kitchen feel even more cramped, so try going for a high gloss finish to turn your small room into a striking kitchen.

Add A Brunch Bar

A trendy brunch bar can easily turn any kitchen into a cute space, and they don’t take up much room, making these solutions ideal for small kitchens. If you’re already short on space and not sure that a brunch bar will fit, then consider making your brunch bar multi-purpose; you can keep the stools underneath it and consider using the brunch bar as a countertop when you’re cooking, then bringing out the stools when you’re ready to eat.


Work With Expert Kitchen Designers

Reimaging your kitchen and turning a cramped kitchen into a spacious-looking, airy space, might not come easily to all homeowners. If you’re not usually the creative type and you don’t feel that you understand interior design, then try collaborating with a professional team of kitchen designers. Kitchen Capital understands how to turn even the smallest of spaces into a beautiful, contemporary kitchen, so consider working with them to upgrade your small kitchen this year.

Think Outside Of The Box

When you’re trying to redesign your kitchen, it’s easy to get caught up in what other people do with their rooms, or how the kitchen was originally laid out. However, with a little imagination and innovation, you can transform your kitchen and make it feel much more comfortable and inviting. Work with your kitchen designers, if you’re hiring them, and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of kitchen design to turn your small space into a kitchen that you can be proud to call yours.

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