Why People Are Shifting To Solar

March 22, 2021

Moving your home’s energy source over to home solar panels is a big decision and not one which should be taken lightly. There is a sizeable financial commitment to doing so, and although the benefits are undeniable, the reality behind the outlay is inescapable. Let’s look at the benefits, challenges, and other considerations of solar installations.

Where on earth do I start the process?

If you haven’t already, you would need to start with a search for “solar installation companies near me”. Going local for a job like this gives you a lot of positives, extending beyond supporting the local economy. The chances are that a local service provider will be clued up on the local laws and regulations in your area. Using local suppliers could also bring down your expenses on the project, as the company might not need to travel that far or bring in supplies from further afield. Be sure to check this point with any companies you might deem suitable.

Let’s talk about the budget.

Everything starts with how much money you have available for the project. As mentioned, the costs of installing solar from solar companies in Los Angeles county can be high, but if you look around, there are many excellent financing options and rebate schemes available that could be of great benefit to your budget.

Chat to your service provider about the cost of solar panels and the rebate schemes that you might qualify for. A good installer will be able to give you decent information on this, as selling you a good deal is more likely to win them your business! Steer clear of fly by night companies that cannot answer your questions.

How long until I see a return on my investment?

Again, this will largely be dictated by how large your system is, its energy-generating capacity, how much of the power you generate is used up, how much is saved or fed back into the grid, and so on. As a general rule, though, you could expect the bulk of the benefit to be apparent after about ten years. Bear in mind that systems like this are custom designed to suit the house and that this unique configuration will impact the overall efficiency of the system.

If you consider the option of net metering, you could speed up the rate at which your benefits start showing. Net metering refers to the process of feeding any surplus energy generated by your system back into the grid and receiving either credits or a reward for it. You could also explore an option where you build up credits in high-productivity times that would allow you to consume electricity from the grid for free in times of low productivity.

Despite the fact that it will take a bit of work upfront, in terms of research and budgeting, installing home solar panels is not a move you are likely to regret, given the exceptional long-term value you stand to gain from such a system.

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