Easter Bunny Hot Chocolate Bombs

April 03, 2021

Easter Bunny Hot Chocolate Bombs

I have so much fun creating these Easter bunny chocolate bombs and want to share how I made these with all of you! Although Justice is still too young to understand the meaning of Easter and appreciate those egg hunts and adorable bunny decor, I still want to please my inner child so I made these chocolate bombs for fun.

In case you didn't know, chocolate bombs are made of melted chocolate and are tempered into sphere form. They are filled with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows inside. You then pour hot, steamed milk over the chocolate bomb in a cup so that the milk will melt away the chocolate and releases the stuff inside, creating a somewhat "bomb" effect. They were huge last year. You might have seen them everywhere on Instagram, Tik Tok and even Facebook Marketplace! Yes, people were making these at home and selling them as a side gig. Though I did hop onto the bandwagon a little late and only made a cheat version using Kinder Surprise for Christmas. I wanted to finally make these chocolate bombs from scratch this time. To make these more fun, I turned them into cute little bunnies for Easter!

Here's what you'll need, this Little Bunnies Candy Deco Kits! Can you believe that I actually got these from Dollar Tree? I love finding cute stuff like this.
  1. Melt your chocolate bars in a bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds increments.
  2. Once chocolates are melted, pour them into a silicon sphere mold. 
  3. Pour out excess off the mold and scrape off chocolates so that the edges are clean and levelled.
  4. Carefully flip out the silicone mold so that the chocolate spheres come out clean.
  5. Pour hot chocolate mixture into the half spheres, add marshmallows and sprinkles.
  6. Dip the empty half sphere into your remaining melted chocolate.
  7. Place the sphere on top of the filled sphere and press gently to seal. 
  8. Dip bunny ears, teeth and eyes into the melted chocolate and glue them to the spheres

Have a happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Omg that's so cool! I've seen a lot of Easter drinks, but this is the coolest one. Definitely trying this out next year!

  2. ohh my...really love this cute recipe, absolutely lovely for Easter celebration. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  3. Very cute decoratives. My youngest daughter would love to these kind of things.

  4. You totally had me at "HOT CHOCOLATE BOMBS!" OMG I can just taste them.

  5. Meg StewartApril 06, 2021

    I have had little success with the chocolate bombs... but this one is worth another try!!! thank you!

  6. So cute! This is perfect for Easter celebration! Thanks for sharing this!

  7. very creative of you...kids would love this thank you for sharing this idea..its gona be lots of fun for kids

  8. This is genius - you are so creative! What a unique idea :-)

  9. These hot chocolate bombs are absolutely adorable!!! They are almost too cute to put in my hot chocolate but too delicious not to do so hahah!!

  10. Wow, how fun! This is perfect for the season!

  11. That looks so cute, I feel like my daughter would want to do that this weekend even if Easter is over.

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