Personalized Gift Idea for Parents and Children

April 16, 2021

Personalized Gift Idea for Parents and Children

Guys.....I'm so excited to share with you this personalized book that I got for Justice's first birthday! I actually thought for a long time what to give him for his first-year milestone. I wanted to get him something meaningful and something he can treasure when he grows up. And I came across this lovely personalized book from Hooray Heroes! I had so much fun personalizing our names and make the characters of the stories look like us. Gifts that are personalized always win my heart because growing up I could hardly find anything with my name on it. 

"Justice, You'll Always Be My Little Boy"

Nothing beats capturing our mother and son's memories into beautifully written stories. Not only the illustrations are vibrant and cute, this book really captures all those fond memories of watching my little boy grow up. When you order your book, you have the options to choose your own stories that match your everyday moments. From heading off to school for the first time to splashing in the pool, this keepsake has it all.

Personalized Gift Idea for Parents and Children

Personalize Story Book with Hooray Heroes

Hooray Heroes offer many personalized stories for different occasions. I think they'd make the perfect gift for both Mother's Day and Father's day that are coming up. They even have stories aimed at family as a whole, for couples and even for grandparents!

Once you're on their website, simply enter your little one's name and select the eye colour, hair colour and skin tone that best match your child. Choose up to 10 stories for a standard book or add more for a little extra. A preview of the book will be generated automatically within seconds. This is your chance to preview all the details and confirm everything before production. 

I added a little dedication message to Justice in the book as well. Personal dedication is such a thoughtful touch to include in these books and I'm glad they have the option to include that. Plus, they even have suggestions for you in case you don't know what to write!

You also have the option to choose between a hard or softcover. I personally prefer hardcovers because they look more prestigious and last longer. 

As an add-on, you can also have your book come wrapped as a gift! And boy, even their gift boxes are so creative and interesting. Come on, a gift box that doubles as a board game... How brilliant is that?

This is a sponsored post by Hooray Heroes. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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